Using the power of blogging to Build Your Jewelry Design Business

If you're serious about your handmade jewelry online marketing, you realize how important it is to keep in contact with your customer. Two of the best ways to do this is through regular posts on a blog.

What is a blog? A blog is just a recurring online journal of your thoughts and ideas on a particular topic. Blog entries are usually published on a regular and frequent intervals that you order a following. Posting frequency can vary from several times a day once a week or so. The more frequently you publish your blog, the more likely you are to a strong readers that in more sales for your jewelry business will result.

A blog is a great way to personalize your jewelry business and it allows you to bond with your customer, both of which the likelihood of a customer purchase from you in the future will increase. Customers want to buy their handmade jewelry from someone they know and trust. A blog will give you and your jewelry business the credibility needed to maximize your jewelry sales.
What you can put in your jewelry business blog? Here are some ideas:

1. Customers tell the story behind your jewelry designs. Customers would like to know what you are getting started in jewelry design motivated and why you are the type of the jewelry you do make. Bring your jewelry designs to life for your customer! They will develop a newfound appreciation for what you do.

2. Customers informed about the steps you take to your jewelry. A series of photographs that illustrate the process. This allows your customers to see how your jewelry is different from mass produced jewellery found in department stores.

3. display of pictures of your latest, advanced jewelry designs. Let your customers know how this hot, new designs can be ordered.

4. keep your customers informed of any upcoming craft and jewelry shows where you will show your jewelry.

5. let your customers know about upcoming special sales, discounts, and promotions regarding your jewelry designs.

6. give your customers unique ideas about how to wear your jewelry. Add photos to illustrate some of these ideas.

7. keep your customers informed of upcoming seasonal jewelry trends

8. learning from your clients how to jewelry to flatter their particular face and build.

9. How to cleanse your customer of their jewelry and removing tarnish from silver.

10 Sponsor a contest on your blog to the most unique way to a certain chain wear. Give the winner a gift voucher for your jewelry.

11. tell your customers how to choose a piece of handcrafted jewelry give as a gift.

12. describe the materials and the stones in your jewelry designs along with their meanings.
There is so much more that you can include in your jewelry blog. The important thing is to use your blog to stay in touch with your customer and give them useful information. It is also a huge bonus that you pictures of your jewelry designs. Nothing sparks better than good visuals jewelry sales.

Why not give blogging a try? I'm sure it will help your jewelry company an even bigger success!

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