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Gold, platinum and titanium are among the most coveted bullion in the world. Jewelry made of this pure substances is often highly valued and sought after by the savvy consumers around the world. Learn everything you need to know about selecting quality pieces here!

Gold jewelry

Gold jewelry is perhaps the most traditional form of quality jewelry worn by men and women in every culture and society of the world. Gold is used to create attractive documents for centuries. Many historians believe that gold by man as far back in prehistory was used as a tool. First was later discovered that gold jewelry to around 3000 b.c. Gold was first widely used by the Egyptians, who combined gold with other precious metals for different looks, color and durability.

So what do you need to know about buying gold? Let's start with the basics. Most gold is assessed through her weight or karats.

14 k Gold- 14 k gold jewelry is made up of 58.5% gold mixed with copper and nickel, among other things. It is the most popular karat gold purchased from the world, and is known for its affordability and sustainability.

18 k Gold- 18 k gold jewelry is popular especially in Europe. Most 18 k gold jewelry is made from 75% pure gold. Most premium jewelry is made with 18 k, which is only slightly more expensive than 14 18 k gold.

22-24-carat gold- 22 and 24 karat gold jewelry is usually considered to be the most valuable and is very popular among elite gold shoppers. This form of gold is the most pure, consisting of almost 199% gold. 22 And 24 karat gold products generally have a richer colour than other gold jewelry.

Is one better than the other? The more pure gold, the softer the jewelry will be and the more likely to scratch. Fine scratches are easily minimized, however, with proper care and cleaning, over time. Quality is more akin to craftsmanship than the actual percentage of gold in a particular piece of jewelry. When deciding on a piece that is right for you-you'll want to look at things like symmetry, overall appearance and finish.

One of the best things about gold jewelry is it is available in both yellow and white. White gold is becoming more popular though it is only available in 14 or 18 k styles. White gold jewelry is often covered with a Platinum metal to help her unique color.

Black Hills Gold

Black Hills gold is very popular among gold lovers. Black Hills Gold is not only after the style but also the gold jewelry is formed in location. Legend has it that a French Goldsmith was lost during the gold rush of the mid-1870s in the Black Hills of South Dakota. During a dream, he believed that he had seen a torrent with vines; upon awakening he ran to the very scene that he dreamed about, and in gratitude decided to dedicate his life to the creation of gold jewelry in the form of grape leaves and clusters formed of gold.

Black Hills Gold jewelry is a particular style ornament that must have been manufactured in the Black Hills of South Dakota. These gold jewelry is often combined with silver and copper green and rose leaved color combinations. Most Black Hills Gold is available in versions of 10, 12 and 14 k. This makes Black Hills gold is extremely popular among jewelry fans looking for attractive yet very affordable gold jewelry.

Platinum and Titanium jewelry

Platinum and titanium jewelry are among the most expensive jewelry items, partly because they are made from white metal. Platinum jewelry is often very heavy and dense like most titanium jewelry. Platinum jewelry is much heavier than gold jewelry because of the density of the metal used to craft. Titanium is actually really light. It is only 60% heavier than aluminium and 45% lighter than steel! Platinum jewelry and titanium jewelry and are also, of course, white or silver, so don't have to be combined with other metals to a brilliant white gloss.

Most platinum jewelry is 90% pure or more, so platinum jewelry is an exceptional selection of consumers who are allergic or who have sensitive skin. Gold jewelry can cause allergic reactions in people partly because it is mixed with other substances such as nickel, which can be irritating to some people.

Platinum and titanium jewelry will usually hold up well over time and requires little maintenance, other than regular cleanup using a mild soap or cleaning agent. Titanium jewelry is in fact considered to be one of the most durable jewelry selections available, little or no signs of wear and tear over the years.

Both platinum and titanium jewelry can be formed with gold or silver inlays or decorated with stones. Platinum jewelry is often a popular choice for wedding and engagement bands. Titanium jewelry is slowly becoming more popular as its attraction and sustainability is more commonly known. Here you will find Platinum jewelry and titanium jewelry that is affordable. Most unadorned bands generally everywhere can range from $ 60 at maximum. Please bear in mind that in General, complex and elegant Platinum or titanium pieces more expensive than their counterparts gold are, and it is not uncommon to see documents that cost up to several thousand dollars.

Allows you to virtually any type of jewelry in platinum and titanium that you can in gold. Most people select one or the other on the basis of style or budgetary considerations. Gold can actually be combined with Platinum or titanium to unique custom pieces. The most popular platinum and titanium pieces remain rings for the most part; Gold jewelry is still the reigning king and favourite seems under jewelry carriers looking for a combination of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. That may change with time, however, as more and more consumers realize the profession and the sustainability of other precious metals, including platinum and titanium.

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