Jewelry Displays designed to sell

In a sense, the we wear jewelry a reflection of our personality. Jewelry is used to look glamorous in our own way. Metals and stones are often priceless items when they are manufactured in a nice piece specifically for the owner. A piece of jewelry on the sale must be displayed effectively portray the best qualities.

Jewelry comes in all sizes of the budget, of thick party wear and costume jewellery that is relatively cheap, to gemstones jewelry to top-of-the-line jewelry with precious metals and stones. Each kind of jewelry will attract a different kind of customers-and accordingly should be displayed.

There are already many styles and types of jewelry but there is one common thread among Jewelry buyers: a beautiful piece of jewelry to appear more pricey than it actually is. There are two ways to get a fine piece of jewelry; quality design and construction, as well as a unique design. After all, when looking for a nice piece of jewelry, which is the same thing to everyone already has?

Below are some points that relate to the two major aspects of jewelry display-safety and effectiveness.


1. jewelry Is exclusive: the display unit must contain some special pieces that are well spaced out so that customers can appreciate each piece can separately.

2. jewelry Is precious and expensive: the lighter and more discreet the piece, how expensive it is likely to be. How expensive is a piece of jewelry, the more distant it must be kept of other jewellery so the exclusivity stands out. This seems to be a difficult proposition, especially when space money means. A way around this is only a few pieces at once. Interested customers can be shown to other similar pieces that are held in closed units. This also allows the merchandiser often rotate the pieces on screen and give the view a new look.

3. Jewelry can be made to suit different budgets: every woman loves to decorate themselves with jewelry, but every woman has a different priority when money for jewelry. A Jewelry display should discreetly be divided into several budgetary segments. Prices must be discreet, because the "vulgar" is deemed to advertise for the amount you spend on jewelry.

4. trained staff who is knowledgeable about the metals and stones used in the jewelry are an advantage, as customers often have a limited knowledge about the subject. Staff must be good sales skills to be able to judge the mood of the customer. They need to know when to give the customer a little room to make the "purchasing decision" and whether or not too many choices to present to the customer will help them to make a choice whether they confuse.


1. well-trained and vigilant staff will help to prevent a lot of thefts. The staff must be able to quickly and discreetly for all pieces of jewelry under their load (i.e., they must be able to match the pieces that are taken out to appear, put back the pieces and the pieces are purchased).

2. Security is a big problem at all, especially jewelry stores that sell expensive jewelry. The security must effectively; It should however also a balance between visible (to discourage sticky fingers) and discrete.

3. protective systems must be safe! They shouldn't be easy to mess with. This also tends to make them expensive, but it is money well spent. Protective systems must consist of locked cabinets, security cameras and monitors, exclusive security personnel. An important aspect of security is that it also calls for the cooperation of the local police.

Keep in mind that the design of your jewelry displayed will be determined by the nature of the jewelry you are selling and the profile of your target clientele.

Well displayed jewelry is half sold.

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