Cat's eyes and Star diamonds-Bad is sometimes better

From the Emerald cut diamond economic engagement rings. The eyes of cats and the stars that appear in diamonds have inclusions, but still considered a single type. While the presence of inclusions in often detrimental to the value and the appearance of diamonds, stars, and the eyes of cats have the opposite effect. These can occur naturally or man-made, but ultimately, they enhance the beauty of the gemstones. Use the following tips when shopping for gems with eyes of stars and cats.

What you need to know the eyes of cats
Cats eye is a product of chatoyance or Chatoyancy. It is an optical effect brought by emitting some light intensity in a given direction from the surface of diamonds. Cats eye or can be produced by fibrous cavity or inclusions, as in the case of cats eye Chrysoberyl, or fibrous structures as cats eye Quartz.

Chatoyancy effects can be achieved also in Carpenter and providing products with appearances in 3D.

Chrysoberyl this diamond is undoubtedly the most popular gem for inclusions of cats eye. Chrysoberyl often mistakenly believed to be under the Group of beryl stone. In truth, Chrysoberyl is not part of the beryl group, but are aquamarines and emeralds. Chrysoberyl are found mainly in Eastern Africa, Sri Lanka and Brazil.

This diamond has the third highest score on the Mohs scale for naturally occurring stones. There are three types of Chrysoberyl: Alexandrite, chrysoberyl yellow most common and finally eye cymophane or cats.

Chrysoberyl is yellowish green. Can be transparent or translucent. If it becomes yellow and transparent, that is the time that can be used as a diamond. Alexandrite, on the other hand, has colors ranging from yellow to Orange to red, emerald green. You can display more colors when seen in artificial lighting conditions.

Finally, there's eye Chrysoberyl, cymophane or cats. Its name derives from its similarities with cats, showing a silk-like spread of light that extends from a green light source.

Beryl that some diamonds belong to the Group of beryl can also display chatoyant functionality. This includes Beryl, emerald green and gold and Aquamarine. The effects are, however, not as intense as those Chrysoberyl and therefore needs special mounting for enhancing the look and feel of his eye of cats.

Quartz is the most abundant mineral in the earth crust. Not all minerals belong to the quartz group sees cats eye on their surface. Those who can are Rose Quartz, smoky quartz, citrine, amethyst and quartz eye cats. Some believe that cats eye quartz can help improve vision problems, self-healing, concentration and psychic abilities, as well as provide better judgment.

What you need to know about diamonds from Star
Star stones occur mainly due to the asterism. Is another optical illusion caused by a certain part reflective gem. There are two types of asterism that occur in precious stones.

Disasters stars appear when the light is transmitted through the diamond. Only will be visible, however, if the light illuminates the gem from the back. Rose Quartz has this effect.

Epiasterism this is especially true with rubies and sapphires. Light this time reflecting about inclusions located in parallel with others.

Star gems are in a great variety. Sapphires and rubies, there are stars yellow, violet, gray, black, blue, silver, white and 12-ray. Burma and Sri Lanka are the first producers of star sapphires and rubies. Any other gems with stars that appear on their surfaces include sunstones, Garnet, quartz, rutiles, diopside, citrine, Moonstone, prasiolite and Chrysoberyl as well.

As Star shop and gems Cats Eye

Light a single light source like a candle, light bulb or even sunlight is best when judging the quality of the stars and cat eyes in a diamond. This type of lighting will reduce the chance of blur and make it easier for you to determine the intensity of these inclusions.

Distinguishing the appearance of the eye cats or star must be clearly distinct from the body of the gem.

Dimensions As you extend the eye star or cats? Bigger is better, but some customers might prefer a more subtle effect.

Color, more specifically, they differ in color for stars in precious stones. You choose which appeal to you most.

Finally, remember that all diamonds with eyes of stars and cats cabochon cut to maximize their impact. So, uncut gemstones not view produce accurate results.

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