Bridge Jewelry-Artisan Jewelry

Jewelry is more than an accessory; It is a promise, a reminder, a declaration or a frivolous decoration. Fine jewelry, bridge jewelry and fashion jewelry are all types of jewelry that you allow a variety of choices to you add to your collection and create your look. The terms bridge jewelry and artisan jewelry are sometimes used as a synonym. We will Explore and discover this assumption that bridge jewelry and artisan jewelry can the same thing, but not always the same.

Fine jewelry is jewelry that uses at least 14 KT. gold or other precious metals and precious gems such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and diamonds. Fine jewelry can mass production or craftsman-made one-of-a-kind pieces or limited-edition. It can be found in fine jewelry stores or in galleries. Fine jewelry commands the highest prices.

Fashion jewelry can also be artisan-made of mass produced. Materials used in the designs are base metals, glass, plastic and other synthetic materials. This jewelry can also be made from shell, wood and other organic material. Fashion jewelry is available in department stores, discount stores, drug stores and even flea markets. Prices on fashion jewelry are usually the most affordable of all jewelry.

Bridge jewelry is that named because it is the bridge between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. It can vermeil, full of gold or silver as the metal and semi-precious gems such as Amethyst, Citrine, turquoise, jade, topaz, freshwater pearls, garnet and others. Many bridge jewelry is artisan-made, but it can also be mass produced. Bridge jewelry is often found in craft shows, galleries and art shows. Prices are in the mid-range between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Other combinations are naturally found in jewelry. Some designers use precious metals such as 14 14 k gold amethyst. These pieces are not so easily classified. Price points and materials are the most definitive difference between the categories of jewelry. Fine jewelry as the most expensive and fashion jewelry as a cheap alternative. Bridge jewelry falls between these two on price.

Bridge jewelry is a unique and affordable addition to your jewelry collection. You can see some familiar names in galleries or fine department stores and begin to recognize as producers of Bridge jewelry. When you participate in an art show, take a special look at the jewelry and you will recognize that much of it is fine jewelry of artisan-made bridge. It can offer you a good value because of the combination of high-quality materials; creativity and craftsmanship of the designers of this unique one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces.

Kingfisher http://www.wireweavers.com design

Louise Coulson along with her husband Don designs and jewelry made of sterling silver and gold filled wire. Their jewelry shows the thread used almost as if it were a fiber. The fiber arts approach comes from the Louise long background as a Weaver and the careful craftsmanship is due to the Don background in engineering. The pieces are one-of-a-kind or limited edition.

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