Using the power of Niche Marketing to boost your company Jewelry Design

If you are a jewelry designer, you're probably already aware of the amount of competition for the handmade jewelry dollar. It can be frustrating when you press a jewelry exhibit or craft show and you're one of the many jewellery exhibitors. What is the best way to remedy this problem? Your answer may lie in harnessing the power of niche marketing for your jewelry business. Why? It is easier and cheaper to reach your market if you are a specialist in your jewelry niche. As a specialist also gives you added credibility.

Let me illustrate by telling you about a company that has found a unique small niche that them has made quite a success.

A day in our beads shop, ran a dame in with an interesting line of handmade jewelry. Hair jewelry consisted of small teapots in all shapes and sizes cast in sterling silver. Some of the tea pots had beads as the body of the tea pot, while others were composed of hollow sterling with intricate patterns on their surface. She had created this little teapots in earrings, Victorian looking necklaces, bracelets and pins. According to her, she had poured the tea pots by a silver casting company in Providence, Rhode Island. Once molded, they were sent to make her in completed designs.

Although they had much success with its marketing shows teapot jewelry at craft and jewelry, her greatest source of sales is the tea houses across the country. It seems that these stores not enough of her tea themed jewelry. She has a beautiful color brochure that really the beauty and uniqueness of her designs plays. To its market, they simply send mailings of hair color brochure tea houses across the country and then follows with a phone call. This is a very simple and effective marketing technique.

This lady has a powerful niche in the market for its jewelry found. Wouldn't you that most people who shop in a tea shop for tea pots and tea accessories would be interested in what this lady has to offer? Tea pot collection has become a popular hobby and what better way to a love of a hobby than express by wearing teapot jewelry? In addition, people know that they not teapot jewelry just find anywhere so that they are more inclined to buy when they see it.

Is there a niche market for your handmade jewelry that you may have about? Would you adapt your jewelry to meet the requirements of specific niche market?

A few ideas might be:

1. The cat jewelry for Office of a veterinarian who specializes in the care of cats.

2. The dog jewelry for the veterinarian offices, doggie day care facilities, denied boarding and grooming centers, pet shops etc.

3. Ballet themed jewelry for dance studios and dance supply stores.

4. Plant and flower themed jewelry for gardening centres and gardening gift shops.

5. Food themed jewelry for gastronomic offer and gourmet food shops.

6. Bicycle themed jewelry for bicycle supply stores.

The list can go on and op. Sometimes making jewelry for these markets can be as simple as a sterling silver charm add to one of your current design with the right theme. Just imagine all the hobbies and occupations that you with your handcrafted jewelry designs focus can. Enter niche designing and marketing a try and see if it can help your jewelry business.

Kristie Leong M.D. specializes in helping new markets for their jewelry handmade jewelry designers. They publish a blog and website full of information about jewelry marketing http://www.jewelry-marketing.com has at


Bridal Jewelry-Tradition Vs. Modern

Bridal jewelry is the final touch that the whole Bridal look together with the bridal gown and her attracts. Selecting the bridal gown is the first and most important part, but the selection of bridal jewelry is the icing on the cake. With wedding dress designers create more types of dresses, should remain the bridal jewelry industry. Many bridal gowns have now pearl or swarovski crystal decoration or a combination of both, allowing more possibilities for the selection of bridal jewelry that will match.

Usually, in the tradition, brides wore white or ivory beads for their wedding day bridal jewellery. Or the bride the pearl Bridal jewelry she wore on her wedding day or bought new Pearl Bridal jewelry, pearls were traditionally for bridal jewelry was worn. Many brides are still choosing to wear the traditional beads for their bridal jewelry. Or their mothers or grandmothers passing of a family heirloom, or they purchase new Pearl Bridal jewelry, pearls are still a popular choice for many brides. Many bridal gowns available are embellished with beads in the design of the bridal gown. For a lot of brides, pearls select not only matches their bridal gown perfectly, but still keeps the traditional pearl Bridal jewelry theme.

The availability of bridal gowns with swarovski crystals is becoming very prevalent in Bridal boutiques. Brides are looking for something new and different, and the purchase of a wedding gown with swarovski crystals that sparkle and give that extra modern elegance is exactly what they are looking for. Thanks to these newer more modern trend of swarovski crystal embellished bridal gowns, Bridal jewellery industry is creating more and more swarovski crystal Bridal jewelry. Integration of swarovski crystals in your Bridal jewelry selection is becoming easier to find and link to your wedding dress. The manufacturers of swarovski crystals are constantly create more color options available. So not only is it easier for brides to their bridal jewelry to their bridal gowns, but find matching Bridal jewelry for their bridesmaids gowns is also easier. Because the swarovski crystal bridal jewellery grows, making brides their bridal jewelry selections more easily and with far less stress. Finding the perfect crystal Bridal jewelry to the decoration and design of your bridal gown is more than important, it's what from the look of your Bridal jewelry is completed.

For other brides is a combination of both pearls and crystals in their bridal jewelry what they're looking for. Or their bridal gowns include both pearls and crystals, or they just want the traditional Bridal look mixed with modern Bridal jewelry look, a combination of pearls and crystals for bridal jewelry is one of the most popular selections under brides. Mixing tradition with modern elegance and refinement in your Bridal jewelry look is a great way to get your old with something new, per say. Because more and more bridal gowns are including both pearls and crystals, your Bridal jewelry must match that watching too.

What is your wedding dress selection, choosing bridal jewellery that perfectly matches your Bridal jewelry look. With more and more Bridal jewelry designers and bridal jewellery shops and businesses, it is increasingly easier for brides to find that perfect Bridal jewelry to their bridal gowns. Make sure to find the perfect Bridal jewelry to finish off the look of your Bridal jewelry. Whether you want traditional Bridal jewelry or modern Bridal jewelry or a combination of both, Bridal jewelry stores and bridal jewelry designers have what you're looking for, exquisite Bridal jewelry to your beautiful wedding dress.



Sterling Silver and Rhodium Plated jewelry-caring for your jewelry

Overview of Sterling Silver jewelry Care

Silver in all his luminous appearances, has co-reigned in addition to gold for over 6,000 years as the "Queen of precious metals". However, of all silver of heirs in silver with intrinsic beauty, value and sustainability, which is itself a place in the history books as one of the most popular media for personal decoration has assured.

Owning a prestigious item such as sterling silver jewelry can be performed with a view to the future. Like all precious metal, sterling silver value increases with time, and one day your jewelry may well be a priceless family heirloom, so looking after the now only pay dividends in the future. However, to understand the proper care and maintenance of your sterling silver jewelry is first necessary to look at the silver background.

Both silver and sterling silver are precious metals, and both closely related, but they are not the same. Pure silver is pretty slow and this will keep the form; Sterling Silver was invented as a more sustainable form of this very malleable and shiny metal, loans are abrasion resistant properties to creating often worn jewelry.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver; the remaining 7.5 percent consists of an alloy, usually copper or zinc. Sterling Silver tarnishes, this is caused by a reaction between the silver and the sulfur with oxygen particles from the air. The following guide gives you some useful advice on maintaining your sterling silver gemstone jewelry in the State you want to use for future generations.


Store your sterling silver jewelry in a dark, cool place away from direct sunlight or other sources of extreme heat such as radiators. A perfect place in a jewelry box in under your clothes.

Sterling Silver jewelry, as is the case with all fine jewelry, are stored only in a separate section in a jewelry box or in her own soft bag. Not doing this will ultimately result in scratching or even breaks if gemstones in jewelry.

Never your sterling silver jewelry in paper, cardboard, save, or cotton filled boxes, because they contain trace elements of sulphur. For the best results by the items to be placed in a sealed, airtight plastic bag or jeweler sulphur-free tissue prior to boxing and packaging.

Cleaning and polishing

Over time, sterling silver a mellow patina caused by oxidation, making an "antique" look where tarnish builds in the fine details give your sterling silver jewelry a beautiful unique air development. You may or may not appreciate this aspect; This you should consider before any attempt to clean your jewelry.

The best way to preserve and encourage the tarnished "Antique" look to sterling silver jewelry can be done by not cleaning the jewelry with water, and not wearing the jewelry in the shower or bath.

The best way to prevent condensation is to wear your sterling silver jewelry as often as possible.

If your sterling silver affected are, it is easy in his former glory using hot water with a mild soap, rinse and then making sure to dry it thoroughly with a nice soft cloth. Soaking is discouraged.

Use a soft cloth, similar to the delivered with glasses, in light even succeed for the cleaning of the wider surface, and cotton swabs or Q-tips in the same way more difficult corners cloth.

Never use hard brushes or tissues, including toothbrushes, when your sterling silver polishing pads as they will leave or cleaning of scratch marks. This is especially important if there are gems like pearls mounted in your jewelry.

Polishing quickly needs to be done, and all traces of Polish must then be removed. Leaving traces of the Polish behind can design by clogging engraved areas boring.

Silver pastes, treated wiping rags or other cleaners should be used according to the instructions of your local jeweler sterling silver, this is especially true if there are gems as these chemicals can destroy.

The Dos and Don'ts

Always take your sterling silver jewelry from before suntan lotion, skin creams and swimming in chlorinated or salt water.

Never carry your jewelry when working with detergents, bleach, ammonia and alcohols; These chemicals will cause discoloration, damage and resolve any gemstones.

Never use an ultrasonic cleaner, ammonia or a chemical solution to opaque gemstones, such as turquoise, onyx, Malachite, lapis lazuli and opals to clean. They are a porous stone and chemical substances, that the stone accumulate and cause discoloration can absorb. Just wipe them gently with a damp, soft cloth to clean.

Rhodium Plated silver care

Some sterling silver jewelry is coated with rhodium; This is designed to help your jewelry tarnish resistant. Care of rhodium-plated sterling silver jewelry requires a different approach than non-plated sterling silver jewelry.

Clean with a soft cleaning cloth or cleaner fine, but never use chemical based silver cleaners, because this the rhodium finish and also the inlaid gems damage will.

If you are owner of Antique sterling silver jewelry or rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry is advisable that you expert advice from your local jeweler who will be able to instruct you on the best brands of jewelry cleaning products in your region.

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How to choose and wear the right jewelry

With the different travel to various jewelers can hunt for that perfect piece of jewelry be taxing. But it doesn't have to be, if you know what you are looking for. Choosing which beautiful jewelry to wear is no different than choosing an outfit. The key is to trust your taste and stick to your personal fashion style. For example, if you're an animal lover, you can choose from numerous animal jewelry available in the market, of Bird jewelry, cat jewelry, Dog Jewelry dog jewelry dolphin jewelry and even horse jewelry.

Although once in a while, it never hurts to step out of the box and try something unconventional like body jewelry or man jewelry, just to add herb. But what's important is that the jewelry must match the outfit you are wearing. Jewelry is the finish on your overall look that will highlight your fashion.

The first step is to determine what you want them to do. Would you like the center of attention or just to compliment you? Another factor to consider is the opportunity that you will to wear it. It is important to make sure that it is appropriate for the event. For example, can a sexy oversized choker are perfect for a night on the town, but not for the boardroom.

Unlike in clothing there is no need to stick with just a designer, although most people have a favorite Designer. In truth, there is no need to fill your jewelry box with designer pieces, there are a lot of wonderful pieces that are unsigned, but will surely make a fashion statement. Try scrambling through your jewelry box, take your antique jewelry, estate jewelry, gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, as well as your fashion jewelry and body jewelry. Mixing and matching your old pieces give it character and a bit of zest.

The price of the document should also be considered. Contrast to what most people think, Jewelries doesn't have to be diamond jewelry, gold jewelry or precious pieces such as antique jewelry, estate jewelry, jewelry Hawaiian or Italian jewelry for beautiful pieces are considered. Costume jewelry, both signed and unsigned, is an example of a fine jewelry and it's affordable. A lot of jewelry store sell costume jewelry at a low price and some of them go way back to the 1920s. What's great about them is that you can use, tired of it, put it away and still get your money's worth.

The last and perhaps the most crucial factor considered is the piece of size and shape. In this case means bigger isn't necessarily better. Go for a bigger piece when your face is small can actually undermine rather than draw. It would be good to experiment and find out what looks best for you.

Choices in Jewelries are endless-woman or man jewelry, Italian jewelry or Hawaiian jewelry, fashion jewelry or designer animal Jewelries such as Bird jewelry, cat jewelry, Dog Jewelry dog jewelry, dolphin jewelry, or horse jewelry. No matter what your taste, your likes and dislikes are, you'll be able to enhance your appearance and make a fashion statement little effort when choosing the perfect piece to complement your outfit.

Jewelry: Recreating A Working woman's Style Statement

Beauty is skin deep is always subject to praise. A look at the past shows that it was the jewelry that have been had this radiate inner beauty by adorning the neck, forehead, ears, hands, waist and feet of both men and women. It is even today are young women of middle age crazy about jewelry. Skilled hands mold precious metals beautiful collections of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and even fashion-jewelry making. When this artistic bent metal the right spot on a woman naturally bent figure, they get their due respect and the wife glow with a change in her body language. Gone are the days when diamond, precious stones, gold and Platinum were the only metal to the form of jewelry. Nowadays, workingwomen itself with imitation Jewelries that the appearance of the original metal chalky. They are trendy, slim and of course safe in these imitation Jewelries.

Trendy Jewelries that his brain by the broad qualified jewelry designers all over the world have the Junk jewelry concept in the back seat. Selection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings is made on the basis of the next opportunity. Internet, however, did the job made easier with the presentation of all sorts of modern Jewelries on the websites and also the ability of people to buy them from the virtual stores. Oysters, pearls and ceramics are in demand at this moment as they go both with the office, as well as the party bears. So, for the purchase of a particular set, would get served both purposes. Ruby, emeralds, sapphires look elegant when to put up with the dress with a contrast or match the colors of the stones. Jewelry was used to denote social status since a long time and it can be said that their existence as a symbol of wealth. Jewellery has high emotional value when used in the form of wedding rings and other gifts. It symbolizes the culture of a region and definitely spreads the message of the artistic creation.

Fashion jewelry that is liked by the modern women comes in different shapes, sizes. Many experiments are carried out with this because women want to wear them with casuals. Fashion jewelry is created not only for the occasions but also keep mind the season. Bright and imaginative colors are more portable in the spring while glittering gold or stone jewelry is inclined to raise the spirit of the time of the evening. Every time that the designers are flourishing by producing something wonderful and unique that was never seen before.

Affordable yet elegant and well arranged jewelry can excellent gift ideas for your friends or your family members. It is said that diamonds are the best friends of a woman. So, there can be no other suitable gift for your wife than this. In fact, you all women there also consider jewelry as an excellent gift ideas as you your spouse gold necklaces, diamond gift can tie pins, keychains and other elegant items that volumes about your feelings speak. The prices offered by most of the companies do not vary to a large extent, but it's wise to make comparisons before you actually go out of the purchase. Jewelry has a lot to do with tradition so that the designers should keep in mind the traditional value of each of the items before you decide a form for them. The handmade jewelry is valued in us and most of the women trying to pick their favorites from the shops along the way or from one of the shops. Women are generally very picky about designs and they tend to any amount for the one that they like most.

So, where quality plays the dominant role it is expected that the designers should carefully in preparing them. The value, if set reasonably associated with design, attract thousands of women. Expensive jewelry can the social prestige hype, but wear them daily to the workplace may not be secure at all. Therefore, women who step of House, aside from the socializing, can hunt for exclusive series of jewelry that cheap yet fashionable. Necklaces and earrings of bamboo, wood, ceramic and plastic built can be purchased in bulks and daily used by them matching with the dress. The invention of the computer software such as CAD, jewelry design has become so easy. Now most women can make use of fashion jewelry at a reasonable price. Most of the websites also give excellent gifts on the imitation jewelry, and also the precious original ones. Because women prefer to pay attention to the style and not much metal, jewelry which are made of ceramics, are cheap stones, wood and clay gaining popularity. Women today are conscious about their style and this rise of consciousness is noticed regardless of geographical locations. Today, the Jewelers good money by their creativity in the beautification of this women bent. Light and fancy jewellery is in question as women are tying to turn them around their physique to glow with confidence on their work places. Grooming is not complete without the touch of the right kind of imitation jewelry and people know of jewelry has now taken a new turn. A woman is inextricably linked to jewelry. There is virtually no woman who is the attraction of the glittering jewelry can deny. So, excellent pieces of fashion jewelry purchased from the most reliable source can meet its desires and make them smile.

VIVACE jewelry (http://www.vivace-jewelry.com), is an online retailer who sells exclusively designed women s accessories. Contact us customer@vivace-jewelry.com


Men's Jewelry: it's not just for women more

Find out what man jewelry is in, what to buy for a beloved and more!

The term "jewelry" people often associate with something a woman owned and desires. Yet for centuries is man's jewelry fashionable and popular among the elite and average men alike. Kings and Pharaohs in ancient times wore jewelry as a symbol of power and prestige. Or a member of a tribe, wore team, workgroup or family many men rings as a symbol of their accessories or performance.

Jewels and jewelry have coveted since the beginning of time, as symbols of power, wealth, beauty, commitment and even pride. Just as the Princesses and Queens of old fell under the spell of sparkling gems, so also fallen men among the seductive promise a precious metal offers.

History teaches that men jewelry and rings for a variety of reasons have worn. Most jewelry acts as an aesthetic guidance of a Cabinet or fashionable figure. Still has man jewelry also serve functional purposes, including describing the social status of a man, place in the society and of course, marital status.

Men's wedding rings

Mens wedding bands are among the most common form of man jewelry purchased. The tradition of offering a double ring of mens wedding bands on a wedding ceremony can be traced to the middle of the 1940s in the United States. Currently jewelry popular manufacturers the idea of offering a groom wedding band as the perfect guidance of the wedding ring for ladies. The idea of a groom's ring, however, existed long before advertisers popularized it. In fact, consumers had already bought into the idea that a bridegroom ring symbolized a lot more than the marriage, but also male prosperity and stability.

Among the more common and popular forms of mens jewelry on the market today is the man diamond wedding band. Many gentlemen prefer to buy a dual wedding set with a mens diamond wedding band and ladies diamond wedding ring. Mens wedding bands are often much thicker than women. Although many men prefer jewelry that is subtle and less decorated, prefer others mens wedding bands that ornate and complex.


There is no end to the jewelry accessories available for today's modern man. Man jewelry is often supplied with complimentary man Jewelry Boxes jewelry boxes made to maintaining a number of cherished pieces. In fact, many men have so many necklaces, rings and bracelets a consider man Jewelry Boxes jewelry boxes the ideal gift.

Other more common accessories offered in the mens jewelry category include the following:

Money Clips, cuff links Bracelets earrings Necklaces rings watches

There is virtually nothing can be a woman that they can't buy a man when it comes to the trendy and tasteful man jewelry buy. Don't be surprised to find many women out shopping for mens jewelry, a trend that is becoming more popular as men continue to grow in their love of jewelry and precious accessories. Why not? Who doesn't want to adorn their bodies with precious gems and sparkling gifts that say, I'm strong, I am strong, I am handsome.

Finding quality men's Jewelry

Finding quality human is jewelry hard at all. More and more consumers are turning to the internet, buying mens jewelry online instead of traditional shops. The benefits of buying mens jewelry online are obvious. A consumer can browse thousands of unique and detailed selections, of man wedding rings, bracelets, watches and more. Why not shop from the comfort of your home?

Consumers should look for different things when shopping online, particularly if buying a mens diamond wedding band. When it comes to diamonds, there are several key indicators of the quality including the cut, color, clarity and carat. Cut refers to the shape of the diamond; There are different parts available including:

Round oval Pear Marquis Emerald

Color refers, of course, to the color of the stone; not all diamonds are clear. In fact, the most a final colors like yellow, green or blue. All diamonds have hints of what color in them. If a man diamond wedding ring shows little signs of flaws, is the clarity good. The weight of the stone is of course the carats, and price often reflects these valuable assessment.

Other signs of the quality of mens jewelry include price, craftsmanship and originality. Antique jewelry is a popular option for people looking for something unique or one of a kind. Most antique jewelry offers quality time tested and reliable.

Tips for the preservation of jewelry for men

Once you get the perfect piece of jewelry you are looking for, you have to assure the proper so it's a life long. The best way to do this is to the jewelry often to clean up dirt. The best materials to clean a mens wedding band with his jewelry cleaning solutions or alcohol. These same products can be used on other pieces, such as cufflinks, clips and bracelets. You can make most mens jewelry with a soft bristled toothbrush to clean. Also don't forget to check out the jewelry in a jewelry store on occasion, especially if you've bought a mens diamond wedding band. The jeweler will be able to check the jewelry for loose teeth or damage to the ring. Finally, man jewelry should always be kept in a man jewelry box. The kitchen counter or Dresser top is no place for precious gems!

A last word about jewelry for men

When buying mens jewelry, be sure you have enough time to look at the wide selection available. Take your time. Please bear in mind that shopping for jewelry can be fun. Finding the right piece, and you can pass it down from generation to generation. You even have the option jewelry to fit your own unique personality and style preferences. When it comes to jewelry of the man, the options are limitless. Masculinity, femininity, pride and personality ... have all the potential to shine with the help of a gem or two.

About the author:

Antigone Arthur is a successful freelance writer with 10 years of professional experience consumers with informative articles on topics such as online jewelry stores, jewelry man and mens wedding bands.

The yellow pages for beautiful Heart Jewelry

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Long before the invention of the American Dollar, the Indian Rupee, or the British Pound, another form of currency was used by people around the world. Do you know what it was? It was gold, and it was a timeless way to denote how rich and powerful a person was. It is both heavy and rare, and it has been used as a status symbol throughout the years. This is our free gold guide to beautiful heart jewelry. We hope that you enjoy this journey into the incorporation of gold into our beautiful jewelry items.

Gold is one of our most valuable and precious metals. It is also very malleable and soft. Did you happen to know that? A mere ounce of the stuff can be stretched into a fine wire about 5 miles long. If you were to pound that same ounce of gold, it would form a thin sheet that could cover 100 square feet. It won't corrode or rust, so it will last almost indefinitely. It is also all around us. It is in our seas and rivers and bodies of water. It is in the crust of the earth that is beneath our feet. It is also in our plant life. Unfortunately, it is very hard to locate and extract, so it is very expensive as well. It takes about 2.5 to 3 tons of gold ore in order to make 1oz of pure gold.

Jewelry's Most Popular Metal

The most popular metal in the modern jewelry of today is gold. More specifically, You can find many different forms of heart jewelry that use gold. In terms of one single jewelry item, it is without a doubt the "simple gold wedding band" (since weddings are so popular). As we mentioned, gold is malleable and soft, it can't really be utilized in its pure form. It must be mixed with other metals in order to make it more strong and durable. Do you know what combining two or more metals is called? The resulting metal is called an alloy, and most of the gold that we use in our jewelry today is found in the form of an alloy. What types of gold jewelry are there you ask? Consider:

(1) 18k gold jewelry,

(2) 14k gold jewelry,

(3) Indian gold jewelry,

(4) White gold jewelry,

(5) Gold jewelry,

(6) 24k gold jewelry,

(7) Rose gold jewelry,

(8) Gold body jewelry,

(9) Wholesale gold jewelry,

(10) Gold charm jewelry,

(11) 22k gold jewelry,

(12) Gold horse jewelry,

(13) Gold plated jewelry,

(14) Other cool gold jewelry items.

Do you know where the word karat comes from? It is derived from the word for the fruit of the carob tree. Here are some derivations: in Arabic we have qirat, in Greek we have keration, and in Italian the word carato. You see, the seeds of the carob tree's fruit were used in ancient times for measuring precious gems. Since the pure gold Byzantine coin (called the solidus by the way) weighed 24 karats, the 24 karat mark (24 KT or 24K) became the symbol used to indicate that an item was pure gold.

Which is Which: Karats or Carats?

When we talk about gold we often hear the term carat (or karat). Bugs bunny preferred to be paid in carrots, but that is another item all together. When you are paid in carats, well, then you are really talking about some major money. In jewelry terms, the carat has a double meaning. It is used as a measurement of weight for gemstones (one carat is usually equivalent to 1/5 gram), but in some countries it can also be used to denote the amount of pure gold in a piece of gold jewelry. In the United States, when we want to indicate the gold content rather than the weight, we use a "k", such as "karat", to avoid any confusion that may arise.

24K gold (at least in most instances) is too soft to be used in jewelry. In some regions of the world they prefer to use 18K or 20K because (A) of its brighter yellow color and (B) for the simple fact that it is closer to being pure 24K gold. In the United States 14K or 18K is preferred above the others because it is more durable.

Gold 990

There is a new alloy on the way that we should mention. Gold 990 is an alloy of pure gold and only a small amount of titanium. This means you have almost pure gold, with greatly increased durability. This alloy is of "straw color", and is similar to the look of 14K gold, so those looking for that 24K gold look should look further. Still, if you are looking for a way to have "almost pure" gold and better durability, this alloy may suit you great.

This brings us to the question "In order for something to be called gold, how many carats must the item be?" The rules for this vary, depending upon the country. In the United States, in order for an item to be called "gold" it has to be at least 10K. In France and Italy it must be 18K, while in Canada and England the number is 9K.

Is All Gold Yellow?

Gold is mostly associated with the color yellow, but not all gold is yellow. Why is this? For starters, pure 24K gold is always yellow in color. As mentioned earlier, since pure gold is too soft and malleable for jewelry use, and since countries have different standards for what "gold" means, you can change the color of "gold" by exchanging the alloys that you happen to add to it. Here's the formula: Yellow gold is made up of gold, copper and silver. Green gold is made up of gold, silver, copper, and zinc. White gold is comprised of gold, nickel, silver, zinc, palladium and platinum. Pink (or red) gold is composed of gold, copper, and sometimes a tiny amount of silver.

Ever Heard of Underkarating?

There is one more thing that we should talk about before we leave this subject of carats and karats. When you are purchasing a piece of jewelry you should be concerned about underkarating. This is a serious problem in many areas around the world, so be sure to purchase your jewelry from a reliable jewelry store or reliable jewelry outlet. Underkarating means that although the jewelry item is marked to indicate a certain amount of jewelry content it can contain less than the amount indicated. Jewelers who sell underkarated jewelry will sometimes boast about the fact that you are "getting a bargain" In actuality you are not getting anything of the sort. Since the jewelry item they are selling you contains less gold and more alloy than what is indicated, what kind of a bargain is that? As always, the buyer must beware. Only purchase jewelry items from reliable sources.

What is the Manufacturer's Registered Trademark?

You should always look for a manufacturer's registered trademark on any gold jewelry item you purchase. It is located near the karat mark, and manufacturers take this trademark very seriously. In addition, as more and more jewelers get concerned about being held liable, they are willing to only purchase jewelry items from manufacturers who are willing to stand by what they sell. This trademark can be traced back to the very people who made this jewelry, and their reputation is on the line. They won't dare mess up in this particular area.

How To Resolve Skin Discoloration

Have you noticed that sometimes you have skin discoloration when you wear jewelry? Why is that? It is not the pure gold that is causing this. Pure gold does not tarnish, and as a result will not discolor the skin. It is the alloys that are added to the pure gold that are causing this discoloration effect. This happens mostly under moist or damp conditions. These alloys mix with the fatty acids that are present in your perspiration, and this can set up a corrosive reaction. This problem can be even worse in those areas where there is salt in the air, so if you plan a trip to the beach with your gold jewelry...beware.

Oh and one more thing we should talk about. Metallic abrasion that is caused by some makeup is another common cause of discoloration. Some makeup contains compounds that are actually harder than the jewelry in which they are coming into contact with? Did you know that? As these compounds rub and grind against the jewelry you are wearing they can cause some of the gold to flake off. The result is a dark looking "dust". When this "dust" makes contact with your sweaty skin, a black smudge is what is left over.

And The Solution Is?

Now that we have identified the problem, what is the solution to discoloration resulting from jewelry? You need to get into the habit of removing the jewelry often and washing the skin that it is coming into contact with. Plain soap and water is the preferred solution. Oh and remember to keep your jewelry clean as well. You should wipe the jewelry periodically with a nice soft cloth to remove any tarnish that may "build up". It might also be a good idea to use a body powder that is free of abrasions on all areas of your skin that will be in contact with the jewelry you wish to wear.

Why not check and see if a similar piece of jewelry is available from another manufacturer? You may find that one jewelry item causes discoloration while a similar looking one does not. This doesn't necessarily mean that one piece is inferior to another mind you. Jewelry manufacturers often use different alloys (or different combinations of alloys) in jewelry development. Although the pieces may look the same, one piece of jewelry may cause discoloration while another may not.

You know, you can always switch to a more pure form of gold jewelry. This could resolve the problem. After all, it is these alloys that are causing the problem, and if you move more in the direction of pure gold...problem solved.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our Free Gold Guide Tour into the World of Gold Jewelry and Skin Discoloration. If you would like to learn a bit more, please visit our blog. We do focus on heart jewelry primarily, but we also provide general information regarding the history of jewelry, and where you can purchase other great jewelry items.

Our sites on: beautiful heart jewelry and open heart jewelry will fill you in on all the details if you would like to learn more.

4 ways to profit from stainless steel jewelry

Jewelry today is all the rage in the world. Of the teens who buy to make a statement with what they wear all the way to the adults who are stunningly beautiful jewelry to buy to stress their public appearance, there is great demand in the world today for well-made and designed pieces of jewelry. To meet this demand, the supply side has really vamped of the design and manufacture areas of their business and today more than ever new pieces of jewelry are literally flooding the market.

These pieces of jewellery are made of a number of different materials; Gold, silver, zinc-plated metal and almost anything you can think of. A new form of jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, has started to gain in popularity as people begin to understand the ways to take advantage of stainless steel jewelry. Four of those ways are listed below.

Way # 1: The first way to take advantage of stainless steel jewelry is to understand and take advantage of the fact that it is very versatile. As mentioned above, people do not jewelry to buy for the same reason. Whatever your reason to want to invest in jewelry is, that the reason more than likely very good by the purchase of stainless steel jewelry has been reached. While the gold and silver jewelry tend to only flashy purposes and gold-plated jewelry tends to be lacking in that area, is stainless steel accounts for nearly all jewelry purposes.

Way # 2: The second way to take advantage of stainless steel jewelry is jewelry to own that a large amount of maintenance not necessary. If you go and buy gold or silver jewelry, not only do you need to Polish that jewelry on a frequent basis, but you will also need to be careful to avoid jewelry stains. Jewelry in the vein of stainless steel, on the other hand, is much easier to maintain.

Way # 3: The third way to take advantage of stainless steel jewelry is to understand that the normal wear and tear okay with your jewelry. When people buy gold or silver jewelry, is the tendency to be very leery of wearing it often to help preserve for a very long time. Stainless steel is an alloy which was created specifically to be sustainable and because of that you can stainless steel jewelry wear as much as you want without worry about wear and ruining your jewelry well before you can afford to buy more.

Way # 4: The fourth way to take advantage of stainless steel jewelry is to save a lot of money. Stainless steel jewelry usually cheaper than gold or silver jewelry and because of that, not only can you enjoy your new jewelry, but also a little more money in your Pocket can while doing it. And really, when everyone is looking for ways to save, what would be a better way to take advantage of stainless steel jewelry?

316Steel. com world world's leading provider of wholesale jewelry including earrings, necklaces and stainless steel bracelets. They offer high quality stainless steel jewelry with unique designs at incredible prices, quick order lead time, low shipping rates and personal service.


Jewelry Booths

Jewelry booths will simply not go away. Jewelry booth creation would never easier, with a little help from jewelry making friends involved in another jewelry booth. What is more important, if you want to create a jewelry making company, is how to market your goods to the jewelry stands. So, it is very easy. Right? Maybe, but jewelry booth selling is our topic here.

It really is as simple as that. making money on jewelry booths is an issue that really needs to be addressed.

We have been struggling to get good jewelry and than most of us have found them difficult to sell. I know, had a jewelry stand itself. My sister has a big beading company that they of home runs. By the way, she has also three very lively boys to look over and care of every day.

As I said, his jewelry booths an often misunderstood topic. I got back to my sister shortly, but first I need that everyone finds a good profit to do what they want to do with jewelry making booths confirm. And that is exactly the way that it should be for everyone is doing something creative with their brain and hands.

Personally, I salute everyone with the passion and enthusiasm to produce something artistic. Many people ask us jewelry makers exactly what we think we are doing and whether we our own time and wasting their time. Jewelry making must never be banned and persecuted as that.

That is why jewelry business experts have on how to jewelry artists help wake up and actually bothered to write books about how to set up and run your own jewelry making business. Let me know if you think they are wrong about their ideas, but I truly believe that you will find that they are stuck in the spirit and actually work, time and time again.

All these experts have extensive sold their handmade jewelry on numerous shows in the States and Europe. Their experience must not be ignored. I don't want to necessarily say their angle, but they have some very powerful. Their experience is also very compelling. They have displayed and sold their jewelry making at shows, festivals and fairs all over the place, making them a wealth of experience.

Books tend to pretty much everything that they have understood about squeezing the maximum turnover and profit from an independent online jewelry store and include a physical jewelry booth.

An expert in the first instance tried selling her jewelry to jewelry shows and it was a very successful company. It was incredibly heart-breaking, tiring and has led to a general feeling of no hope. Fortunately, they persevered and can now be extended on the highs and lows of such an experience. More importantly, can they give, anyone who cares to know, the things to follow and the things to avoid in a jewelry making business. Experience is not something to be mocked.

Despite its setbacks, this marketer jewelry continued with jewelry booths and ways of turning a profit found. I quote her:

It was frustrating to so much effort into getting ready for a show, and spend a whole day in my booth, and then come home with only a small profit after expenses.

But I don't give up. I persevered, trying new things, successful artists observe and apply the lessons I learned from each show.

Through trial and error I gradually developed a more professional and much more successful-approach for selling my handcrafted jewelry at shows.

When I started to use and refine my new winning approach, I experienced a great increase in my traffic booth, jewelry sales, and the money I earned on each show.

In a recent juried show of 40 artists, my jewelry booth was unfortunately located on the second floor of the venue, instead of on the main floor where most of the action was (including several other jewelry artists).

But despite my less-than-prime booth location, my sales accounted for 1/8 of the total sales for the whole show.

That kind of experience is really horrible but they and others plenty of inspirational material to show you in practical and sensible language have about how to create a great success of your own jewelry stand can make. That is a good start.

They can also show you How to get started on jewelry making and setting up in business. They have to address issues such as sales taxes, business licenses, insurance, prices, transactions, profitability, finding the right jewelry shows, present your position to maximum effect, and more.

I would only encourage to continue with a jewelry making booth and also to look at how to perform an effective jewelry stand by learning from the experiences of others.

My sister's Jewelry artists ' blog http://laperle.co.uk/ here:

How to choose the most beautiful Bridal jewelry to match your wedding theme

When you are wedding planning you want everything perfect and you suddenly realize there's just so much to do, so much to find out and to choose from. The simple place to start is with the look and feel of the wedding is to first the color themes. From here you can make it easier to concentrate on the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses with their designs and styles.

The wedding jewelry is following the style of the bridal jewelry set designs to the styles of dress bridal party can customize. There are a number of jewelry styles so you have a look at what you like and what works best for your wedding theme. So to help you decide that here is an overview of a number of jewelry:

Pearl Jewelry

Pearl Bridal jewelry is such a popular choice because pearl jewelry is so elegant and timeless. Pearl necklaces and earrings designs range from traditional through to very contemporary styles with everything in between. Beads make a great gift for the bridesmaids and can be passed through the family over the generations.

Bridal pearl jewelry can be in a variety of colors, including white, pink and black (or more of a rainbow effect) of the natural Pearl colors by the painted pearl colors of Greens through to Brown.

Costume Bridal jewelry

Bridal costume jewelry is a fashionable choice with the wide range of choices in colors and styles, so you can easily find what you want for your special event. There is an extensive range of costume earrings, necklaces and bracelets that for your wedding theme will work. Swarovski crystal Bridal jewelry is a nice choice for costume wedding jewelry with its range of colors and quality.

You can also have cherished handmade Bridal jewelry with costume jewelry designs that is also affordable and is beautiful.

Beaded Bridal jewelry

Bridal handcrafted jewelry makes a unique statement of style. You have your choice of colors and styles with beaded jewelry so beautifully with your wedding theme colors coordinate can.

The beaded designs can include the handmade lampwork glass beads jewellery with freshwater pearls and crystals and simple instructions of a floating effect of only one type of Pearl. Often you can create custom jewelry created by jewelry designers, so the brides jewelry lover than the bridesmaids jewelry is.

Often one of the advantages of beaded jewelry is the inexpensive bridal jewellery that when planning your wedding helps.

Diamond Bridal jewelry

Gold and diamond jewelry is a choice in the traditional wedding jewellery, especially for the bride and match diamond engagement rings. Often family diamond jewelry is worn as part of the ' something old ' tradition. This can include gem stone jewelry, such as sapphire jewelry emerald jewelry and ruby jewelry, especially when gemstones are often set with diamonds.

Combinations such as the bridal jewelry necklace is a family heirloom with a new pair of diamond earrings can work beautifully. So share the joy of the wedding jewelry by means of the family is an enjoyable experience that contains the love stories about the generations.

Making your choice

With the various choice of jewelry styles available is it so much easier to get the wedding jewelry that is perfect. The choice to make that much easier to make sure that you've figured out the look and theme of the marriage, the styles of the bridal party gowns and, of course, your budget. Research into the different jewelry styles and designs can be loads of fun and very inspiring. By refine what you need and define who you want to you're sure to find of the beautiful Bridal jewelry that you're after!

Belinda Stinson writes about fashion, jewelry and weddings for creative beauty and jewelry holders. http://CreativelyBelle.com

Creatively Belle offers a wide choice of pearl Bridal jewelry and wedding jewelry, as well as great gift ideas http://CreativelyBelle.com/design on


Celebrate a special occasion with jewelry! How to buy jewelry? (Part I)

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Nothing more personal than our response to color. Color is the new language of passion, and nothing captures it better than distinctively styled jewelry.

Leave her speechless with our brilliant colorless and fancy colored diamond or bold brilliant gemstone jewelry styles.

Celebrating a Special Occasion with Jewelry!

How to Buy Jewelry? (Part I)

The concept of jewelry implies fashion, ornamentation, and adornments. But jewelry is much more than just that. It reflects your personality and shows what you value in life. It defines your style through colorful stones and gems jewelry.

Colored precious gemstone jewelry is the latest fashion. Colored gemstones are worn in rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets by every one. If you like to own an exceptionally beautiful and exclusive piece of jewelry, you should only consider gemstone jewelry. A piece of colored gemstone jewelry will distinguish you as a class apart from the crowed that wears gems like diamonds. The best way to go around shopping for a special kind of jewelry is to go to the Internet, look at the exquisite designs of colored gemstones or diamonds on white or yellow gold jewelry and select the one that matches your style.

· You are looking at gems and are shown, or viewed one on Internet, an evening Emerald, at a price much lower than what you would expect to pay for an Emerald of the same size. Would you buy the emerald and would you know what you are buying?

· You are admiring a piece of gold jewelry and are told it is 14 Karat gold. Do you know what marking to look for to make sure it is solid 14 Karat gold and not rolled gold, gold electroplate, or gold wash? Do you, in fact, know what 14 Karat and other terms Mean?

· You notice that brooches (or Pins) are the latest fashion in jewelry and are being shown in all fine jewelry stores as well as online jewelry stores. Do you know which you would buy and which might be the better buy, regardless of what you can afford?

· You are cleaning an opal ring, a pair of diamond earrings, and a string of pearls. Do you know the best way to clean them and would clean them together or separately? Also, how would you store them after cleaning?

· You want to buy a diamond ring. Would you look for a fine jewelry store or a fine online jewelry store where the each jewelry piece are clearly marked to show price and quality, a store offering a sale o diamonds, a store where you might be able to bargain for a lower price, or even a store offering of a packet of diamonds at a wholesale price? For that matter, do you know what the four Cs of diamonds are?

These are only a few questions about jewelry that are answered at The Jewelry Hut.

· An evening Emerald, for example, is not an Emerald but any green stone of Emerald color.

· All Karat gold jewelry in the United States and some other countries has to be marked to show its quality, according to law. The term "Karat" refers to the amount of gold used in proportion to another metal or metals.

· Another term for costume jewelry is fashion jewelry, and it can be the better buy for high fashion designs that you may tire of or may go out of fashion in a year or two.

· Certain gems and types of jewelry require special care in cleaning and should not be stored together or in the same way, since may become scratched or lose their luster or color.

· In buying fine jewelry, there are few, if any, bargains: You get what you pay for. Clarity, color, cut, and carat size are the four Cs of diamonds, determining the quality and cost of any diamond.

How to buy jewelry is only the beginning of what you need to know about jewelry.

When you buy a car, you buy the one you like and can afford. The purchase is emotional as much as it is practical, since cars in some way are extensions of ourselves. In addition, you know what you are buying, especially if you buying a well known brand luxury car. There may be features, in other cars that resemble or imitate the best of the best, but the genuine article is usually unmistakable. You know what to look for, what to expect, about what you are going to pay, and even where to go buy the car.

Fine furs have more of a mystique than the average car and they may seem more risky to buy. Yet, with time and patience, you can learn to differentiate among furs and to distinguish fine furs from inferior furs. Granted, you will never have the expertise of the experienced furrier, but you will be able to learn the difference between mink of an inferior quality. In short, you can easily learn what to look for, what to expect, about what you are going to pay, and where is the best place to buy the fur.

Both an expensive fur and a fine car are far more than purchases to keep you warm and provide transportation. They are also luxuries and status symbols. At the same time, the primary reason for the purchase is practical, you buy the car to drive and the fur to wear. You do not consider either an investment that appreciates in value. The criteria are that you like what you buy, that you have a use for it, that you can afford it, although you want to get the most for your money.

Jewelry should be bought the same way, regardless of whether it is fine jewelry of Karat gold, platinum, or silver, has precious gems or not, or whether it is costume jewelry. Even fine jewelry, which is a luxury item and can be as much as a status symbol as a sable coat or a Rolls-Royce although far more permanent and enduring should be bought because you like it, can use it, and can afford it. Jewelry after all, is a form of adornment and decoration.

One criterion you do not want to use for jewelry, any more than you would use it for buying a car or a fur, is whether the jewelry is a good investment or not. Some Jewelers, who are reputable and reliable in other respects, offer jewelry as "an investment." Fine jewelers. In general, however, prefer to point out that jewelry is not really an investment except in beauty. Jewelry, in fact, is a purchase, just like a fur coat or a car. You should appreciate it, of course, although appreciation in that sense is not the same as the appreciation of increase in value of an investment.

What you should buy in fine jewelry, particularly platinum and karat gold, depends on you, your life style, and your preferences. You may be a woman who does not feel dressed without earrings, in which case you may want gold or diamond earrings that you can wear often with enjoyment. Or you may be a man or woman whose taste runs toward rings. A necklace, pendant or a bracelet could also be indispensable.

In any case, shop around. Look at styles and prices before you buy. Get an idea of what jewelry costs and how that compares to what you have to spend. Once you see an item you like, check its price against the prices of similar items in other jewelry stores or online stores. The major purpose is to give you an idea of value and to help you be satisfied, in all respects, after you have made the purchase.

Look in jewelry stores and the boutiques and the better online jewelry stores that often carry fine jewelry. But do not look for or expect or wait for sales. The finest jewelry stores rarely discount fine jewelry. If a style does not sell, it is more profitable for them to melt down the metal and reset the gems than it is for them to sell at a big discount. In this respect, fine jewelry is like no other luxury purchases, since the components can be reused.

Stores other the finest jewelry stores (or online) may offer jewelry at a discount. It may be a style that has not sold well, or the stores may be willing to make less profit or their overhead may be less. These are legitimate reasons to discount the price of a fine jewelry. If the discount is much over 25%, however, you should ask, "80% or 50% off of what price?" Despite laws prohibiting misleading advertising and the stand of reputable jewelers' associations against it, there are still fraudulent advertising and selling practices going on.

For this reason, you want to read the part two of this article, about "How to buy fine Jewelry?" To understand what are the kinds of jewelry.

To Web Masters:

The article above can be used on your web site or newsletter.

When it is published, may I request that you include my name and resource box (the bio, contact and copyright information) that follows the article. I would also appreciate if you could send me an email of notification along with a complimentary copy of the publication.

Copyright 2005 Bijan Aziz.

Bijan Aziz is the owner and Web Master for The Jewelry Hut http://www.thejewelryhut.com The best source for fine Diamond, Gemstone, and Pearl Jewelry on the web. You can view the this article at The Jewelry Hut Jewelry Archives: http://www.thejewelryhut.com/html/newsandpressrelease.html

Jewelry Displays designed to sell

In a sense, the we wear jewelry a reflection of our personality. Jewelry is used to look glamorous in our own way. Metals and stones are often priceless items when they are manufactured in a nice piece specifically for the owner. A piece of jewelry on the sale must be displayed effectively portray the best qualities.

Jewelry comes in all sizes of the budget, of thick party wear and costume jewellery that is relatively cheap, to gemstones jewelry to top-of-the-line jewelry with precious metals and stones. Each kind of jewelry will attract a different kind of customers-and accordingly should be displayed.

There are already many styles and types of jewelry but there is one common thread among Jewelry buyers: a beautiful piece of jewelry to appear more pricey than it actually is. There are two ways to get a fine piece of jewelry; quality design and construction, as well as a unique design. After all, when looking for a nice piece of jewelry, which is the same thing to everyone already has?

Below are some points that relate to the two major aspects of jewelry display-safety and effectiveness.


1. jewelry Is exclusive: the display unit must contain some special pieces that are well spaced out so that customers can appreciate each piece can separately.

2. jewelry Is precious and expensive: the lighter and more discreet the piece, how expensive it is likely to be. How expensive is a piece of jewelry, the more distant it must be kept of other jewellery so the exclusivity stands out. This seems to be a difficult proposition, especially when space money means. A way around this is only a few pieces at once. Interested customers can be shown to other similar pieces that are held in closed units. This also allows the merchandiser often rotate the pieces on screen and give the view a new look.

3. Jewelry can be made to suit different budgets: every woman loves to decorate themselves with jewelry, but every woman has a different priority when money for jewelry. A Jewelry display should discreetly be divided into several budgetary segments. Prices must be discreet, because the "vulgar" is deemed to advertise for the amount you spend on jewelry.

4. trained staff who is knowledgeable about the metals and stones used in the jewelry are an advantage, as customers often have a limited knowledge about the subject. Staff must be good sales skills to be able to judge the mood of the customer. They need to know when to give the customer a little room to make the "purchasing decision" and whether or not too many choices to present to the customer will help them to make a choice whether they confuse.


1. well-trained and vigilant staff will help to prevent a lot of thefts. The staff must be able to quickly and discreetly for all pieces of jewelry under their load (i.e., they must be able to match the pieces that are taken out to appear, put back the pieces and the pieces are purchased).

2. Security is a big problem at all, especially jewelry stores that sell expensive jewelry. The security must effectively; It should however also a balance between visible (to discourage sticky fingers) and discrete.

3. protective systems must be safe! They shouldn't be easy to mess with. This also tends to make them expensive, but it is money well spent. Protective systems must consist of locked cabinets, security cameras and monitors, exclusive security personnel. An important aspect of security is that it also calls for the cooperation of the local police.

Keep in mind that the design of your jewelry displayed will be determined by the nature of the jewelry you are selling and the profile of your target clientele.

Well displayed jewelry is half sold.

Tim Pelcone consults with retail store owners in order to improve their merchandising effectiveness. He advises in Sacramento Capitol store fixtures for creating custom fixtures save or for obtaining special items such as jewelry load displayed.


Fashionable Celtic Jewelry

For fashion lovers is only wearing the latest clothes, shoes and accessories not enough. More than two thousand years ago, the Celtic people are adorned with handcrafted jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Today, people desire for fine jewelry grown alone. For many, their fashion ensemble just isn't complete without some form of jewelry decorate their neck or wrist. While all jewelry can do, it is best to invest in jewelry pieces with designs which will be held even after five generations. This is where Celtic jewelry offers something very unique and different that other jewelry do not have.

Celtic jewelry dates back to the time before Christ in the form of the Celtic Cross. Despite having designed maintains so long ago, Celtic jewelry that eternal shine is like a fashionable piece of jewelry worn by many. One doesn't like Irish or Scottish Celtic jewelry and Irish jewelry wear. The symbolism and metaphysical connotations of the old models found in Celtic rings and other Celtic jewelry making them more and more popular items as gifts and consume wedding vows. The intricate designs in Celtic jewelry are an eternal reminder to the proud traditions of the Celts. Many of the popular Celtic symbols have their own meaning that are as timeless as the jewelry designs and Celtic jewelry popularity will only increase with time more.

Celtic jewelry can the jewelry wearer to express their unique personality. In particular, custom handmade Celtic jewelry trumps mass production jewelry every day just because it can be adapted to your preferences. For more affordable options, can you go with existing, pre-designed Celtic jewelry consisting the format such as Celtic rings and add your own personal touch to it as an engraving.

Celtic jewelry comes in different forms. Celtic crosses, mentioned earlier, is a form of popular Celtic jewelry. One of the most popular forms coming into rings. Celtic rings and Claddagh rings are very often used in special occasions such as an engagement or a marriage. Celtic engagement rings and Celtic wedding rings are perfect jewelry for such situations, because of their timeless charm and deep meaning. Other jewelry you can find his Celtic pendants and earrings.

Celtic rings and jewelry can also be found made of silver. This makes it an affordable option for lovers of this jewelry on a budget. These are often the mass market versions of these beautiful handmade jewelry. If you're really serious about buying of Celtic jewelry that will be cherished for generations to come, however, buying jewelry are made of precious metals such as gold and Platinum strongly recommended. Celtic jewelry includes gems such as diamonds, sapphires and Rubies as in the case of Celtic rings, Celtic earrings and Celtic pendants.

Or Celtic jewelry are given as a gift or to be used in a wedding, it makes each fashion outfit perfectly. Since Celtic jewelry never goes out of style, you can be sure that it will match any outfit of the current time.

Featuring the most popular Celtic jewelry designs by Tim O'Malley for Shanore.com find authentic, handmade jewelry direct from Ireland. All Celtic rings and Claddagh rings be adapted with free FedEx shipping available on every order, regardless of the amount.

Custom design Jewelry-it Is the right choice?

Custom design jewelry ... the idea congers up many strange thoughts. We are finding that many people don't understand the process and how easy it can be to do. Custom design has a lot of misunderstandings. The first is custom design jewelry is always very expensive. No, this is simply not true. Custom design jewelry can be very affordable. We custom designs that have saved our customers thousands of dollars on designer jewelry.

I use a question-answer style of article to help about many of the misunderstandings. This means that I won't have all your question so please call or come to a better understanding of custom design jewelry. You can control many of the examples of designs and wash and final jewelry pieces. The process is very fun and enjoyable. Let's start the discussion.

Do I need a jewelry designer to a ring custom-designed?

NR. We are the experts jewelry designers. You are the expert in what you want. Putting together these two experts is the fun part.

I don't know what I want?

Don't worry, we have a system to discover what you want. It is a simple way to find out what you like and then put it together just for you. Jewelry has a lot of small parts, but most people just see the whole thing. As a car, it looks the way it looks the way it looks, but the split and then you see what it is. For example, have the headlight shape and position, the size and the corner of the windshield, the front fenders and even up to the door handles and wipers all affect the look of the car. Now if you could all parts together of the various cars that you like, it would be great to have to look at. Can't they build a car for you, but we can a ring just before you build.

What style should I choose?

Jewelry style can give people a great sense of fear or be completely irrelative. What is in fashion? What the trendsetters wear? These are the heart and soul of many people and jewelry shops. Some jewelry stores sell only what is happening in style and if you don't want is tough. Jewelry fashion changes every season like clothing. What's hot now will not next season. Some trends are long as white gold and Platinum look which is going on for now more than seven years. The current design look with each surface of the ring left improved seems great when done right. When done wrong seems to be busy, Baroque or flashy. A few seasons ago the opposite appearance was in vogue (literally too), a clean crisp simple finishing geometric shape ring designs. Yes, we continue with the fashion of the day. To our customers that the cutting edge fashion statement like, we can offer you a very in vogue design help ring.

Jewelry styles takes longer than a hemline. We do many redesigns because a certain style was dominant in the jewelry shops, when they released their ring, but they were not ever very happy with it. Custom design, I feel, is the best way to get a personal preference in jewelry regardless of the current trends. If you have a five stone diamond ring and not a three stone ring would, it can be done. If you have a complicated top of ring but not to the sides, it can be done. If you everywhere, diamonds down the shaft, on the sides, on the teeth, and even within (Yes we have set up diamonds within) it can be done. Jewellery and wedding rings in particular are heirloom quality and decades and even centuries can last. Many styles will come and go and come back even again in the life of a well designed ring. Jewelry design for a personal taste will be enjoyed for many years, or at least until the person taste changes, then the redesign time.

Jewelry style has a different aspect. Jewelry as art. Some jewelry designs can only be described as art. If you have a piece of jewelry art in mind and a way to print, we can help. With the computer jewelry design system, we can help your vision become a reality. This is one of those moments when the technology can satisfy the desire deep within you. If you have a piece of jewelry to art, our designs are more than willing to be a masterpiece for you.

Why do we need to create a wax model to?

The process of making jewelry includes a wax model. The jewelry is designed in, then the was is put into a mold of plaster. The plaster mold is heated and the wax melts out and makes room for the gold or other metal to be pores in the void. Then the plaster broken away and the jewelry is created. This operation is called the lost wax jewelry process.

Custom design better than mass production jewelry is?

In general it is better. At Arden Jewelers make we make sure that it is. The way we custom design jewelry, we know that it is better. We have trained gemologists and jewelry designers, together with the bank, Jewellers all cooperating to the best jewelry design. Our jewelry designs are made to last. We use more pure precious metal than mass-produced jewelry. We design in the piece strong gem setting functions. We think about the years of use not only the view in our designs.

Can I create custom platinum design jewelry?

Yes, you can have the jewelry made in platinum, or14 karat gold or sterling silver. We can make your jewelry in many different types of gold as 9, 10-14, 18, 22, 24 karat gold. The gold can be white or yellow or even red or green. We can have two Show White and yellow or red and white. For that matter, if you want, we can put the four colors of gold in your design. If you have an unusual karat gold as 19 wish, we can do that too. We even have at least three different qualities of white gold to choose from. If you are allergic to some types of gold are we can work with you to find who you're not allergic.

Custom design sounds very complicated?

Yes, it is up to us, but you don't. We make your side very easily. We simply ask questions about what you want, and we know what it takes to make that happen. If you're not white gold that looks slightly yellowish, we know how to fix it. If you do not want that the ring to slide around, can we fix that. Custom design is about the jewelry you like and we work out the Details to make your dreams come true.

Dan's articles from extensive research on each of his subjects. You can learn more about gold by visiting: mygemologist.com

Bridal jewelry and dress

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We all know that when a bride to be has already spent practically twenty years planning her wedding before she even knows who the groom is, the image that she dreams of is how she will look on her wedding day. Every little detail counts and is carefully pondered upon before making the all important wedding decisions.

The first part of the dream is "The Dress", the wedding gown, her day, her style. The selection of the wedding gown is one of the most important items a bride to be must decide upon. The dress no matter what the style should always be a selection that the bride to be feels elegant and beautiful in. Whether a bride envisions herself in a simple white gown, a lacy gown or a bright pink gown, the bride's attitude in the dress is what makes that bride an individual and beautiful bride on her wedding day. The selection of the wedding gown should always remain fun and as stress free as possible, buy what makes you feel beautiful.

Now that the dress has been chosen, you have been measured and the all important deposit has been made, you are committed to "The Dress", you need to finish off your bridal look for your wedding day. This is where all of the little details that you hem and haw about for hours come together to make a magnificent and magical combination of the perfect bride! The shoes, the garter, the something old something new and last but certainly not least, the bridal jewelry!

The bridal jewelry that the bride to be decides upon should coordinate with the wedding gown she has selected to wear for the big wedding day. Keeping in mind the style of your dress, the bridal jewelry selection must be made with as careful of attention to detail as when choosing your wedding gown. The bridal jewelry chosen by the bride should finish off your look and bring the entire ensemble together.

Some suggestions to follow as to the style of dress you are wearing to match the style of the bridal jewelry you will wear follows.

Open Backed Dress - When wearing an open back dress, adding a bridal jewelry lariat is a great way to add the final detail to show off your beautiful wedding gown. A bridal lariat is a piece of bridal jewelry that the bride wears around her neck like a normal necklace; however; the back of the neck will have a longer dangling piece of jewelry to finish off the look. Depending upon the piece of bridal jewelry, lariats can be purchased that are adjustable, which will be a better fit for any bride with a backless dress. Another great way to show off a backless dress is a bridal jewelry choker or bridal jewelry collar with a hanging jewel embellishment in the back. Bridal chokers have become a very modern and popular choice for brides that want an edgier bridal look and feel that still embraces the classic and elegant bride.

V Neck Dress - When a bride is wearing a v neck style wedding gown, Y- drop necklaces are a very nice touch for bridal necklace jewelry. The Y- drop necklace takes the same angles as the v neck wedding gown line. Bridal chokers are also a great selection for the bride that is wearing a v line dress. The choker gives clean lines and does not distract from the v neck style of dress. Regular simple and double strand necklaces also work very nicely for this style of wedding gown, as they provide a simple but elegant style that compliments the v neck.

Square Top Dress - For the brides that select a very traditional square top wedding gown, simple single strand and double strand bridal jewelry necklaces are a great way to finish off the neckline. They bring contrast and attract the eye towards the cut of the dress. For a very clean lined look, bridal jewelry chokers are the most perfect style of bridal jewelry necklines for the square top dress. The bridal choker has become more and more popular as the years pass, now with so many options available; brides are finding it easier to select the perfect bridal jewelry choker that fits the style of their gowns.

The Sweetheart Gown - The sweetheart gown style of wedding gown is accessorized nicely with a y - drop necklace, as it follows the line of the top of the wedding gown. Also with this style of gown, bridal chokers go nicely, as well as pendant necklace and simple round necklaces. The sweetheart gown is such a nice choice; the bridal jewelry that you select to wear with the gown should always compliment that neckline.

Strapless Dress - When a bride wears a strapless gown, there are many options for the bridal jewelry necklace. A bridal jewelry choker is such a great way to compliment the line of the top of the dress. A choker brings a symmetrical and parallel line, and adding a sparkly pearl or swarovski crystal bridal jewelry choker or collar with a strapless gown is so elegant and sophisticated. In addition to the bridal choker, simple pendant necklaces as well as single strand and multi-strand necklaces make great choices for the strapless style wedding gown. Wearing a strapless gown draws much attention to the shoulders and neck region, so wearing the perfect bridal jewelry that looks spectacular with that line of dress is very important for your bridal look.

Halter Top Dress - The halter top dress calls for a certain type of bridal jewelry. A dangle backed necklace or lariat are perfect for this line of wedding gown. The attention is drawn on the front and the back, making use of the entire wedding gown to compliment your bridal jewelry. A halter dress also looks beautifully pulled together with a y drop necklace or pendant necklace. The y drop necklace was just about made for this style of wedding gown; the y drop centers the entire look and feel of this type of gown.

Off The Shoulder Dress - When wearing an off of the shoulder dress, any style of bridal jewelry necklace works. A regular single or double strand necklace can frame out your entire bridal look with simplicity. If you choose to wear a bridal jewelry choker, that brings the eyes up to the face with ease as it finished off your bridal look. Y drop and lariats work great with the off the shoulder dress. Depending upon how much of your back shows, a lariat can look elegant from behind when standing at the alter, and a y drop necklace really brings focus to the bride with this gown. What ever style you choose for this line of dress, you cannot go wrong.

One Shoulder Dress or Asymmetric Dress - With the asymmetric gown, it is best to choose a great bracelet and pair of earrings, as a necklace will look unbalanced and unnatural. The one shoulder dress is a bold move; wear a bold bracelet and glamorous earrings.

Scoop Necked Gown - When wearing the scooped neck gown a simple one or multi-strand necklace is perfect. A necklace such as the simple one to five strand bridal necklaces will frame out the top of your wedding gown perfectly. A bridal jewelry choker is also a really nice selection for this style of dress. It is a simple and even topper to the scoop neckline, a great selection.

Whatever your dress selection, choose bridal jewelry that makes you feel gorgeous when you put it on. Your bridal jewelry is your icing on the cake and the selection of the bridal jewelry is just as important as the selection of the gown. Your bridal jewelry will be bridal accessories that you cherish for a life time. You will never wear your wedding gown after the big day, but you can wear your bridal jewelry when ever you want to. Wearing your bridal jewelry is your memory to the most special day in your life. What ever your bridal jewelry selection, look spectacular on your wedding day because you waited for this special moment for a lifetime!

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Italian Designer Jewelry

Masterpieces on jewelry making is child's play for the Italian designers who their valuable time in the design sketches and then apply it to the metal. Gold is said to be often used metal on which their creativity speaks the language of royalty. From the trendy Jewelries to the traditional is an Italian designer who can best the metal mold. For the women of today jewelry is indeed a concept of something funky and trendy with the least interference of the bells and the charm that were used as decorative. Gold that was once considered the jewelry for the d-day occasions has now turned to be an ordinary wear and tear. Fashion changes color with time and the taste of women roles also along with it. With the effort to feed the needs of this change in the fashion, the designers also their brain storming. Fashion jewelry for this issue has always had an edge over the traditional and the so-called are outdated. Italian designers have already earned the praise of their creativity from the beginning of the history and now they're just trying to change by producing something unique for the multi-tasking women of today.

The height of experiments with the metals and the Jewelries performs the designers to such an extent that they are trying to produce something beautiful by casting of steel and ceramics as well. They have almost a significant change in the function and use of the unique material that hardly had implication in jewelry making. Coral is also commonly used in creating designer jewelry. In fact, the marriages between the coral and ceramic jewelry created by the Italian designers look awesome and trendy on every woman independent of her skin color. You can get to see the sample of such an interesting piece of work with Vivace jewelry on purchase can be sent to the specified address free of cost. This modern designers can custom create the jewelry for your make.

They also offer some of the excellent collection on the rings and bracelets that even men seem attractive on the can. Trendy jewelry who love the teenagers and the Office goers is usually light and cheaper. The risk that they try to avoid while in precious jewelry items can easily be avoided if they cheap trendy jewelry designed by the Italian designers wear. These designers are trying their best to show off their craftsmanship by the magical effects which they with the help of ceramic, coral along with other imitation metal can produce. Color is a primary factor in ceramic jewelry is involved. These Jewelries must be painted according to the requirement of the fashionable women of today. Pearl can also be an excellent element to be used as counterpart. The creative minds of the designer determines the style in which to be inserted. The designers can ceramics to excellent pieces necklace, bracelets and earrings. There is plenty of room to experiment with the earrings if they are small and how you feel can be formed.

The best part of the Italian jewelry is that the designers possess the capacity to set up a dull metal gracefully, with their touch. This group of Midas is innovative in whatever metal or material they work op. Sterling Silver can add a new meaning, so that it can tell the untold story. Silver long back existed but move with the times is a wise decision and jewelry is only a part of this movement. Colored ornamental earrings are effective when they hand glazed. The working women of today like to only that type ornament that can glorify them and they look awesome. The Italian Jewelries are unparalleled when it comes to designing costume jewelry and vintage jewelry. It is only a sketch that the ultimate magic shine on the curves of women body produces. Wedding ceremonies are definitely not complete without the unwanted fusion collections with the beautiful stones of the growing denominations strewn on them in ascending order. Amethyst glass crystal beads are heavy and produce a elegant look when they are on with orange or saffron clothing. They provide a sense of Holiness, which is reflected on the face of the woman wears. The Italian designers are also expert in creating designs on brooches.

These were used long before but with the change in style have diminished its use and hence the designers try to recreate them by some different forms, shapes and sizes to give it to them. Gold items in 14 to 22 carats are light. They're just able to attract women. They look ethnic and have the smell of elegance. The Italian designers have also experienced art while playing with the white gold, that is precious and unique in itself with the touch of elegance. Crystals are favourable for they reflect the light that falls on them and also makes you glow. It is the Italian jewelry designers who can make productive use of the crystals.

They can use simply by beautiful crystal hanging out with the prominent edges of a chocker or different colors of creating a multi-colored Crystal Necklace can gather. Leather is modified with cutter convenience to make the bracelets for the teenage boys and girls. In fact, bracelets more like the bangles produce an exclusivity that is desired by everyone. Body piercing jewelry also have a large marketing in the form of the nose rings, Marine rings and eyebrow rings. Although they are not of much artistic value has yet to make them unique some amount of design sure to be inserted. Fashionable Jewelries that are used in the matching with the clothes are usually made from cheap metal, that working women prefer the most. So, most of the Italian designer jewelries for regular use are created on this kind of impersonation or easily available materials.

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Christian Jewelry: Ancient symbols of faith are hot new styles

Some styles may come and go, but trust is always in fashion. Crosses, crucifixes, saint medals, and more, these are the jewelry pieces that we will always cherish. But the hottest new styles in Christian jewelry are the ancient symbols of faith, which predate even the cross.

These symbols, such as the Ichthus, anchor and Dove, are the oldest symbols used in Christian jewelry. Each has a very special and very specific meaning. Because of these special qualities make the old symbols of faith a huge upswing in the Christian jewelry and fashion.

The symbolism of the ancient Christian jewelry:

The cross did not openly used in Christian jewelry until around the 3rd century AD, when the Emperor Constantine to Christianity the official religion of Rome made. Since then, the cross has become the most important Christian symbols, and widely used in art and Christian jewelry.

Christian jewelry played a large role in the protection and promotion of the early Christianity. Since the early Christians were often persecuted for their faith, it was not safe to openly display the cross. Early Christians instead wore other forms of Christian jewelry, such as:

The Ichthus: The Ichthus consists of two intersecting arcs, which appears on the profile of a fish, and in modern Christian jewelry usually has the name "Jesus" written in the Centre. The Ichthus is symbolic of Christ as "the fisher of men". The clean, simple lines of the Ichthus forms an elegantly understated piece of Christian jewelry, for the person who in the wealth of the simplicity Revels.

the anchor: The anchor of course has special meaning for the seamen, and is in fact commonly known as the mariners cross. But it was originally used by the sea, but also by Christians from all walks of life. The anchor is used in the Christian jewelry as a symbol of Jesus as the anchor of the Christian life, as well as hopes in the faith in Christ. The anchor is the perfect piece of Christian jewelry for those who spend much time at sea, as well as those who have fortitude in their lives.

The Dove: The Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The story goes that when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of the Dove. The Dove is also a universal symbol of peace and purity. The Dove is the perfect christening gift.

the Lamb of God: The Lamb of God, or Angus Dei, is the oldest version of Jesus. Jesus was named the Angus Dei when John the Baptist, upon seeing him, proclaimed, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world". In the Christian jewelry has he lam the symbol of innocence and triumph over sin.

These are just some of the old symbols in Christian jewelry. With so many different symbols with so many different stories it is easy to find the perfect piece to celebrate the individual, while still celebrating faith.

The cross:

When the Emperor Constantine everything from Rome to Christianity was the cross much more widely used in the Christian jewelry. Soon would be much different variants of the cross. These ancient forms of the cross have withstood the test of time, and are still as popular today as they were five hundred years ago. Some examples of old Cross Christian jewelry forms are:

The Latin cross: The Latin cross is the most widely used form of the cross. The Latin cross is a cross with a long vertical bar slightly above center intersected by a shorter horizontal bar. The Latin cross with the body of Christ, better known as a crucifix, is used by the Catholic and Orthodox churches as a representation of Christ's sacrifice, while the Latin cross left blank is used by the Protestants as a representation of the resurrection of Christ. The Latin cross is perfect for the quiet, devout man, if it is a tribute to the power of simplicity.

The Greek cross: The Greek cross, an equilateral cross with arms, is the oldest form of the Christian cross. It is mostly used by the Greek Orthodox Church, and the Union of the divine and the human world. The Greek cross is a stunning piece of Christian jewelry, for those of the Eastern Church, as well as those who want to be slightly different in their jewelry.

The St. Anthony cross: The St. Anthony cross, or Tau-cross, is a cross in the form of the letter t. Some believe that this is the actual shape of the cross that the Romans for crucifixions used. The St. Anthony cross is a perfect piece of Christian jewelry for those who discipline in their lives.

The Celtic Cross: One of the most popular pieces of Christian jewelry, the Celtic Cross is a cross with a circle around the cross bar. The circle is supposed to originally have represented the Sun or the Moon, both of which were worshipped by the Irish prior to their conversion to Christianity. Nowadays the circle to represent for many the infinite love of God, as shown by the sacrifice of Christ. The Celtic Cross is one of the most visually stunning pieces of Christian jewelry, and you don't have to be to wear a Irish.

The cross is definitely the most popular form of Christian jewelry, and with so many styles to choose from, it is easy to find which is perfect for the individual. Here is a good page to see a wide selection of the Christian jewelry.

Where is the best place to buy from the Christian jewelry:

To get an idea of the different styles and prices available in the Christian jewelry is more convenient to view them online before shopping around at local jewelers.

Retail Jewelers will sometimes a small selection of Christian jewelry wear, but you are more inclined to find a larger selection online. Type "Christian jewelry" in an Internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo and you will find multiple reliable websites that specialize in Christian jewelry.

The cost of the Christian jewelry is dependent on many variables. In solid 14 k Yellow or white gold should, crosses and other ancient symbols costs about $ 50 to $ 300 depending on size.

The real heart of Christianity:

The real heart of Christianity lives within us all. With Christian jewelry, we have the faith of our hearts elegant. The old symbols and crosses of Christianity are the perfect way for us all to our faith in an elegant and personal way. Perhaps this is why the old symbols of faith are the hottest new styles.

Casey Buell is an expert in the field of religious jewelry, and a contributor to the award winning religious jewelry website find http://religiousjewelryshop.com on.

5 Tips on how to find the best wholesale jewelry

Whether you're a fashion retailer, an e-tailer, an eBay seller, or if you just want to earn some extra income to sell costume jewelry, the key to success is finding great wholesale jewelry from a costume jewelry supplier. Find high quality wholesale fashion jewelry can be an elusive quest, though, so here are five tips to get you started.

1. When it comes to wholesale jewelry, import King.

Almost all fashion jewelry is imported, so you have a costume jewelry supplier that jewelry from all over the world to find obtains. The more sources of jewels which the supplier, the more likely it is that you'll be able to find the variety of the pieces you need for a bargain. In addition, you will be assured of a steady stream of new pieces and your ability to obtain the wholesale jewelry you need will not be hindered by the events in the world that have a negative impact on the wholesalers with only one supply chain.

2. find a jewelry trend spotter.

Unless you are immersed in the world of fashion, you will not be exposed to the nuances of seasonal jewelry trends. A good wholesale jewelry shop will be your homework before you do, and pieces that match the latest trends in jewelry design. You do not want to be stuck with chunky necklaces when fine filigree in fashion, but you make sure you have enough hoop earrings want when they hit the fashion runways.

3. don't forget the classics.

While it's important to a variety of trendy pieces, carry a good wholesale costume jewelry supplier also the classics, such as silver, cubic zirconia, Swarovski Crystal and semi-precious stone jewelry. Unless you specialize in fashion forward is, its more traditional pieces staples that year-round to sell.

4. look for breadth and depth.

Accessories consist of more than earrings, bracelets and necklaces, so your wholesale jewelry supplier is a wide range of documents. Anklets and toe rings are must-haves, but so are body jewelry, mobile phone jewelry, hair accessories, key chain charms and bejeweled belts.

5. search for minimums, shipping, and customer satisfaction.

When you're shopping for wholesale jewelry, find a costume jewelry supplier that has a reasonable minimum purchase. You may not be able to-or want to-commit to invest a considerable sum of money in fashion jewelry. A shop online wholesale jewelry, for example, can only have a minimum order of fifty dollars, that is a perfect place to start.

In addition, it is important that the vendor you select has the items in stock, instead of forcing you to wait until they receive their jewelry import. Looking for a company that same business day or next business day by ships.

Finally, is one of the best ways to judge a wholesale jewelry supplier by their commitment to customer satisfaction. The supplier must be able to provide you with testimonials, and attest to the importance of customer satisfaction to their business.

Chris Robertson is an author of majon International, one of the worlds most popular internetmarketing companies on the web. More information on the find the best wholesale jewelry or of Majon jewelry directory.