The diamond is authentic?

From engagement rings solitaire. Jewels are a big business and the real value of any gemstone jewelry that is dependent on the part of it. With this in mind, as buyers know or make sure they are paying for the real thing? What are the qualities or characteristics to control or watch to make sure that the diamond is authentic?

Take the training and the right equipment to determine if a gem is genuine.  The term "authentic" means that the gem not only looks as expected, must meet the physical and chemical characteristics unique to that diamond.  Take the training and the right equipment to determine whether a diamond is authentic or not and there are laboratories to do this job.

Before continuing, are treated diamonds still true? A gem, so long as its molecular structure is not altered, it may be still the real thing, but it is more natural. Some diamonds are treated to improve their appearance and decorative value.

What to check

Yes, there are professionals to run the tests that determine whether a diamond is real or not, but it is a valuable resource for any buyer Gem know the attributes to be tested.
Following are the characteristics of control:
1.0 atomic structure and chemical composition
The atomic structure is what differentiates the diamond from other carbon-based materials such as graphite. Hardness of stone and the reflection of light depends on the atomic structure. Diamonds usually have crystal structures.
2.0 Hardness and resistance
Hardness is reported on a scale of 1 to 10, a method developed by Friedrich Mohs, a German mineralogist. Most difficult are gems (10) and the softer you talcum (1). A diamond should have a hardness of not less than 7.
3.0 other physical properties such as the index of refraction, dispersion and specific gravity.

Testing laboratories

The following organizations provide certification on the results of tests carried out. Also provide training and research services for their members.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
American Society of Gemological (AGS)
American Gem trade laboratory of the American Gem Trade Association (met). Experienced the largest organisation of exchange of diamond traders
American Gemological laboratories (AGL)
European Gemological Laboratory

The true value of any Diamond should not be determined from only the physical aspect. Advances in science have produced synthetic "gems" that cost only a fraction of real diamonds. Knowledge is the best protection against paying the real price of the item and get a "false".

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