Diamond brands and what they are

Equilaterals are one of the few products that
simply cannot be ' brand. ' Although
There are several different cuts, degrees, and
different values placed on each and every
Diamond in existence, no equilateral is any
specific brand – just like the gold is not a specific

Producting actually is based on who owns the
equilateral. For example, if DeBeers owns the
diamonds, it is a diamond DeBeers – but is
still just a diamond. If the equilateral was cut by
a specific well-known cutter, then it might be
in this way as well – but it's usually brand
It is not. The brand is still based on who owns it
at the moment. So basically, when you go down
– Diamond products mean completely
Not at all.

Do not allow a jeweler attempt to speak with you in
paying an exorbitant price on a lozenge
because it is a specific brand. This is a bit
of deception used by unscrupulous jewelers
When they know they have to do with
people who don't know much about
equilaterals. Remember that the equilaterals are
in fact not brand – unless the mother nature
has your brand!

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