Turquoise is the color of the Decembers

In many cultures of the old and the new world, this gemstone has been estimated for thousands of years as a holy stone, a kind of good fortune or a talisman. It really has the right to be called a "precious stone of peoples". The evidence of the oldest for this claim was found in Egypt, where grave furnishings with turquoise inlay were discovered, dating back to around 3000 BC j.-c.. In the ancient Persian Kingdom gemstone blue sky biobus previously worn around the neck or wrist against natural death. If they have changed colour, bearer thought have reason to fear the approach of doom. In the meantime, he discovered that turquoise certainly can change colour, but that this is not necessarily a sign of imminent danger. Changes may be caused by the light, or a chemical reaction induced by cosmetics, dust or the acidity of the skin.

Turquoise offers protection and joie de vivre

Distant era, turquoise were even responsible for the material welfare of the wearer. Persian scholar Al-Qazwini, for example, wrote: "wearing a turquoise and joined with her hand never see poverty." Turquoises were often worn on the turban and often surrounded by pearls, protect their wearer against the "evil eye".As talismans, they adorned daggers, sabres and the brides chevaux.Il had wait time of the Crusades came to Europe. Indeed, it is this time comes from the name "turquoise", meaning "Turkish".

South, Central and North America too, turquoise has always occupied a very special position among gemstones. Aztecs at Mexico, for example, used to decorate their masks ceremony with this stone which was sacred in their croyances.Les Indians of North America, who still produce a lot of money with turquoises today, traditional jewellery believe that the gemstone blue sky biobus opens a connection directly between the sky and the sea.

At all times and in the world, turquoises were worn as a natural protection against the powers of darkness at the earlier time, if they kept rider fell unexpectedly and they are now regarded as the protective stone drivers, crew and other professional groups who are exposed to a particularly high level of risk.

In modern gems therapy, those who suffer from depression are recommended to wear a turquoise, or a string with turquoise beads. Turquoise' happy color is said to be staffed reticent personalities with greater confidence. It is also often given as a gift, a stone of friendship, turquoise is supposed to be responsible for faithfulness and constancy in the relationship.

Blue comes from copper, the green of iron

Turquoise is a phosphate of copper aluminum with hardness of 6, which is much sweeter than quartz.In nature, it occurs in the range of shades of blue sky grey-green, and it is mainly found in places where there is a high concentration of copper in the soil. However, turquoise is really turquoise of the highest quality.especially, the color is more pale or bluish-green or verdâtres.La blue colour is created by copper, the Green by bivalent iron and a certain amount of chromium.Often, a vein or light spots crossing, which are Brown, grey or black depending on where it was trouvé.Ces material moving, more or less regular patterns are called "turquoise matrix".the crystals are low to the microscope and can hardly ever be recognised with the naked eye. Generally, turquoise occurs as a fillung in veins or crevices, or in the form of chips. The most known deposits are in the United States Mexico Israel Iran, the Afghanistan and China. The most beautiful turquoises, in a beautiful light blue, come from deposits in the North of the Iran.

Turquoise is rarely faceted.Usually, it is cut in lenses or beads or in a more imaginative shape.

Wax Turquoise makes it more resistant

Being relatively soft, turquoise are sensibles.La color may pale when the stone has been brought over a long period, stones of the same quality today are treated with wax and then cured.This treatment enables the sensitive Gemme more résistante.Dans trade, there are many reasonably priced turquoises sealed with synthetic resin.They have a fresh colour and good durability.However, many of them are dipped in medium coloration prior to being submitted to the sustainability of treatment - a process that must be brought to the attention of the purchaser éventuel.Et according to the rules of the ICA, there is also such a thing as a "reconstructed turquoise", which is made of pulverised turquoise.

Because of their sensitivity, Turquoise Turquoise are almost always subjected to treatment of one kind or another, even though it may take a number of forms différentes.Pour result, turquoise have good natural colour and which are simply hardened colourless wax or synthetic resin have a much higher value than stones whose colour has been "improved."It is wiser to buy valuable turquoise jewelry to the jeweller.

Heaven on Earth

The best quality turquoises are pure, radiant sky blue, a color which is very expensive with or without its fine matrix and régulière.Plus strongly colour tends toward green and most stains and more irregular matrix, the lowest estimate quality of the stone.

Turquoise should be protected against cosmetic, heat and light vive.Il is a precious stone to take with you when you take the soleil.Il is preferable to give a clean from time to time with a soft cloth.

Turquoise color made us feel happy and joyful, so that it the blue of the sky and stimulating green sea are combinées.En effect, such inimitable colour, we have coined a term specifically for it in our languages: turquoise.Ceux who choose a turquoise is sure of getting a piece of sky... on Earth.

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