Topaz is colour

Topaz is colour

It is a fluorine aluminium silicate and comes in yellow, yellow-brown yellow honey, flax, Brown, green, blue, light blue, red and pink... and sometimes there is no color in the Topaz tout.La.

The Topaz is known since at least 2000 years and is one of the stones that form the foundations of the twelve gates of the Holy City of new Jerusalem.These so-called apocalyptic stones are intended to serve as protection against the enemy and as a symbol of beauty and the splendeur.Il cannot be formally proved the Topaz name comes from the Sanskrit or Greek, well Greek name 'topazos' means 'green gemstone'. The Romans dedicated the Topaz to Jupiter.

The color in which the Topaz commonly found is yellow, and the color in which it occurs in one of the major German gemstone rocks, Schneckenstein (a Topaz bearing rock said to resemble a snail) in Saxony. In the 18th century, it has been checked during a period of more than 60 years. However, most of the crystals is hardly a centimetre in diameter.You need to go to Siberia or to find the crystals as well as your poing.Cela Brazil said, anyone who is interested can convince himself of the beauty of specimens cut in the Topaz contained Grünes Gewölbe Dresden (Green Bank). The huge and beautiful of the Portuguese Crown, Topaz Braganza, has long been considered to be a diamond. It weighs 1680 ct...

In mysticism, the Topaz is attributed with a cooling effect, styptic and appétissants.Il is said to dispel sadness, anger and nocturnal fears to notify the user of poisons and protect the his sudden death.It is deemed to make men women beautiful and smart and sterile fertile and happy.However, it is probably preferable to not rely too much on his magic, since he said also immerse your hand in the boiling water, after a Topaz had thrown in it and that it could withdraw unharmed new! it is the stone of the month of November.

In the Empire style, the Topaz was still widespread, but then more reasonably priced citrine took over from it and even usurped its name - or.Depuis, Topaz the Topaz has been a rather exotic character in the jewelry trade and has given predicate additional "pure" to make it clear that Topaz, not the quartz Topaz meant .and it still awaiting his return well deserved so far.

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