Proper cleaning of jewelry-"how to" Guide

"A woman likes to wear pieces of jewelry not only for the trust, but because he feels sexy and not to mention these pieces make it look more amazing. Today there are many types of jewelry and are made of different materials.

Pieces of jewelry can be made of gold, silver, Platinum, etc. in addition to the type of material, the jewelry is made, it is also important that you know how to take care of them and preserve them so that it might last longer.

Listed below are easy ways on how to take care of your jewelry:

1. Never go to bed without releasing the tiniest piece of jewelry on you.

2. make sure you choose a jewelry box that is coated with a soft cloth.

3. a tissue or a soft cloth can be a good alternative if you do not have a box to protect your jewelry from scratches and dust.

4. don't forget to unplug your ring when you wash your hands or handling chemicals strong. Keep your gold jewelry from chlorine, because this can cause cracks. An 18 carat gold Jewellery up can resist this damage.

5. use jewelry suitable cleaning agents.There are many cleaning agents made specially for jewelry. Avoid the use of chlorine, vinegar, baking soda, or any other agents because although they may those pieces to shine, may decrease the overall integrity of the jewels.

6. following an intense activity as jogging, walking, or work off, remove the jewels and clean it using a soft bristle brush with lukewarm water to remove sweat and dust.

7. a detergent or a small amount of alcohol diluted with tepid water can be used as an alternative if you don't have any cleaning solution.

Of course, using a cleaning solution that is done for jewelry is always better because this can keep the color, luster and brilliance of those precious pieces.

These tips can help you keep those precious jewels so that you can have more time ... you can even hand to the next generation as a family. strong Metals that can last forever, if taken care of are gold, silver and Platinum.

However, these types of these metals are not cheap. here's why you shouldn't assume them and manage them with proper care."

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