Patek Philippe Watch heavenly; Some luxury Galactic

Patek Philippe Watches are known for their unique creativity and their intricate mechanical perfection.  Those with astronomical indications are rare and are the most poetic of styles.  The Patek Philippe celeste, 5102G reference is not an exception.

This exclusive model was introduced at the world fair 2002 Basel and depicts the night sky above Geneva, Switzerland. There is also a Crown at 4 o'clock to set the astronomical dial. The blue display includes an elliptical window, showing directions Cardinals celestial display, set the true North. View of astronomical 5102G Friday uses a unique system of layers, Sapphire plates, passing at different speeds to simulate different reports of celestial bodies at different times of the day and year of rotation.

The case of 37 mm model 5102G is white gold and sides are embossed with the Cross of Calatrava. The Back Sapphire shows clearly how sensitive this watch mansion.The front of the Sapphire Crystal Watch Patek Philippe Celestial luxury covers the deep blue dial with Roman numerals is overlaid and shows as well as elegant, feuille-skeletonized hands. Lunar phase and orbit.

The only celestial signposted Astronomical model 5102G is a luxury watch one-of-a-kind that connoisseurs Patek Philippe may find it difficult to find, but even harder to pass any Crown at 2 o'clock to set the time, but the automatic movement allows to enjoy the perfection of timing without having to remember to manually wind piece. with the classical black leather strap and water resistant to 25 meters, is United to the elegance of functionality.

A clock as the Patek Philippe celeste isn't just for stargazers. astronomical signs that this poetic watch features remain among the most rare complications, making the Patek Philippe Celestial Watch popular among men of taste of the Galaxy.

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