Diamond is the ultimate gems, with some weaknesses and many forces. It is well known that diamond is harder substance found in nature, but few people realize that Diamond is four times more difficult than the next hardest, natural mineral corundum (Sapphire and ruby). But even as hard as it is, it is not waterproof. Diamond has four directions cleavage, which means that if it receives a sudden blow in one of these directives will Cleave or split. A setter diamond qualified and/or the jeweler will prevent these directions to be able to be beaten while it is mounted in a piece of jewellery.
Like a precious stone, simple PROCEDURE Diamond (perfect cleavage) is far behind by the sum of positive qualities.It has a color range, the high, high refractive dispersion or fire, very low responsiveness to commodity chemicals, rarity and extreme hardness and durabilité.Diamant courses is the April Birthstone.
In terms of its physical properties, diamond is the ultimate mineral in several ways:
• Hardness: Diamond is a perfect "microsec, just the hardest substance known by a wide margin.
  • Clarity: pure diamond is completely colorless and transparent on a wider range of wavelengths, from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared) than any other substance solid or liquid - nothing else comes even close.
• Thermal conductivity: Diamond conducts heat better than nothing - five times better than the element of the second best money! this characteristic is the basis of "diamond tests", as it is simple and can not be wrong.
• Dispersion: Diamond has a relatively high optical dispersion, giving diamonds the "fire" that makes it so desirable.
Diamonds can be almost any color Rainbow more browns, greys and blanc.Les dyed yellow are the most common, followed by lacquer.Blue, black, red and green are more valuable (some extremely so).
Diamonds are found in a type of rock called "Kimberlite", which includes the core of some volcanoes in particular portions of bark terrestre.Cette hard stone thickness is exploited and crushed between giant steel rollers.Kimberlite is reduced to fine gravel, and yet extremely hard diamonds emerge unharmed!Water is added and grease covered roller sorts the layer of gravel, like stick General graisse.En diamond diamonds, a single Carat diamonds are recovered one ton of ore.
Diamonds are found in many areas, including the South Africa Russia and even in Arkansas to list.it United States all cases diamonds formed deep within the Earth's mantle and were brought to the surface of many cases volcaniques.Dans flares, diamonds have survived of the kimberlite through natural processes and were transported downstream water points many diamonds are operated in the resulting in areas such as along the North coast of the South Africa alluvial deposits.

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